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We all know that there are foods that we should avoid. There are also a lot of foods out there that we thought are healthy for us but really aren’t. Our best bet is to always look at the labels, look for products that are low in fat, low in sugar, and don’t add any artificial sweeteners. Better yet, try to stay away from packaged food as much as possible! Cook your own food and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Below are 5 foods that you should always stay away from, especially important when trying to lose weight. Some of them may be obvious to you, but not to all people. So please resist from temptation and eat healthy!

White Bread

Many of us really enjoy white bread, especially when it is fresh. The problem is that white bread offers very little if any nutritious value and what’s worse is that it contains lots of sugar. Consuming white bread also doesn’t keep you full for long so you will find yourself going back and eating more and therefore putting on weight.

Some great substitutes for white bread are whole wheat tortillas or Rye bread. If you prefer whole grain bread, don’t get tricked into the whole grain marketing trick. Looks for packaging that says 100% whole grain or buy from your local baker. Otherwise these breads that have ‘whole grain’ labeling usually contain very little whole grain. They just like to emphasize that fact that they have at least some whole grains in the bread – an amount so small it will do nothing good for your health.

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Specialty Coffee’s With Whipped Cream

As tempting as it is to order a Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream from Starbucks, don’t do it! It’s not worth putting weight on for these kind of drinks. These often contain approximately a third of the fat intake you should have all day and about half of the saturated fats. So if you have two of these a day then you will be way over in all your fat needs just on coffee alone.

Substitute these specialty coffees with a regular cup of coffee with minimal or no sugar or even a tea.

Most Breakfast Cereals

There are so many options when it comes to breakfast cereals, but the problem is that each of them seem worse than the next. Each of them packed with sugar, fat, preservatives, and other nasty chemicals. None of us should be eating most of these for breakfast, let alone our kids.

Substitute with cereals with minimal sugar such as Weetabix or a low sugar option muesli. If you have Weetabix, don’t add any more sugar. If you need it sweeter then add honey or banana. And again, check your breakfast cereal labels! Another substitution option is porridge, I have mine with mashed banana and raspberries – delicious!

Fried Foods

We all know that fried food is really bad for us, but we eat them anyway because they taste good. These include French fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc. However, if we really actually want to lose weight, unfortunately we will have to give up the fried food. All of them! Fried food is a huge contributor to putting on weight and even worse, it contributes to heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

You should never fry your food and if you have a deep fryer at home, please get rid of it asap! It will do nothing good for you. Instead bake or cook your meal on the stove.

Store Bought Protein Bars

While the concept behind store bought protein bars is great – a healthy snack that will keep you going during exercise or between meals. But in reality, most store bought protein bars are packed with sugar and other nasty ingredients. Again, check your labels for nutrition information and stay away from protein bars that are high in sugar and / or fat. And stay away from ones with artificial sweeteners in them. Or better yet, make your own protein bars and add nothing but healthy ingredients.

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