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Ambiano Blender Review 2021: The Perfect Nutri Blender For You

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When you want the quality of a high-performance food blender without the professional-grade price tag, you should consider buying a Nutri Ambiano Blender. This impressive nutrient blender features a powerful motor that is comparative to top brands such as the NutriBullet and Ninja Blenders.

It can create highly nutritious smoothies using fruits and vegetables of all textures. It also includes several additional blades such as a cross-blending blade and a milling blade for creating everything from liquids to purees with ease.

The Ambiano Blender includes cups in various sizes for single serving options. And it is a strong and durable product that can withstand practically any type of drink recipe you can throw at it.

This blender has the features and functionality that you would expect on an appliance you would normally pass on based on the price alone. So how much can you expect to pay for an Ambiano Blender?

The Ambiano Nutri Blender From Aldi’s

The Ambiano Blender can be found at Aldi’s supermarkets all over the world. While you may not expect to find professional-grade blenders at a grocery store that specializes in low-cost products, that is exactly what you will get when you purchase an Ambiano Nutrient Blender.

The blender retails anywhere from $79.99 to $29.99 at most Aldi locations and online. Aldi’s is known for putting their products on clearance so if you see an Ambiano Blender at your local store, and don’t want to take a chance on an $80 Professional-Grade blender, you can always wait a few weeks to see if the price will drop.

Still, when compared to the price of other high-performance nutrition blenders, $80 is a steal as long as it functions as advertised.

What’s Included With The Ambiano Blender?

The Ambiano Nutri Blender includes many of the same components as the popular NutriBullet with a few modifications. There are two 350 ml. cups, one 700 ml. cup, two handles for the blender, two blades (one milling and one cross-blending), and two travel lids for the cups.

A milling blade can be used to mill grains, grind up fresh garden herbs, and chopped nuts to create protein-infused smoothies. A cross blending blade can be used to chop, grate, or blend various foods including cheese, meat, frozen drinks, and onions just to name a few.


  • High-performance food blender
  • Strong and durable product
  • Great features and functionality


  • Affordable product but not as great as the high-end blenders

These two blades can be beneficial with creating a large variety of healthy drink re​​cipes including shakes, smoothies and green drinks. The product itself appears to be very similar to many other powerful smoothie blenders currently on the market. And the lids feature ridges that make them easier to remove.

The accessories and appearance of the Ambiano Blender may be identical than other, more expensive blenders on the market. But that still doesn’t mean this affordable blender can compare to the function of a NutriBullet or Vitamix product.

To find out if the product is worth the price or if it is too good to be true, we have to dig a little deeper to learn more about customer experiences with the Ambiano Nutrient Blender.

A Review Of The Ambiano Blender From Aldi’s

The powerful blender distributed by Aldi’s has many health conscious smoothie lovers confused about its overall function and price. The product claims to be just as effective as blenders that are three times the price and creates smoothes with a smooth and even texture.

After reading up on several customer reviews from people just like you, we found that the Ambiano comes very close to working exactly as advertised.

The Almond Test

One test that a customer performed on the blender involved using the milling blade to smooth up a handful of almonds to create a breakfast smoothie. If you have ever attempted to blend any type of nut using a standard blender, you know that it is nearly impossible to do and very time consuming if you ever achieve your preferred level of smoothness.

The Ambiano, however, managed to pulverize the almonds to create a satisfying outcome similar to one provided by a high-performance blender. While it did take slightly longer to complete the job (about 10 seconds longer to be exact), the blended managed to finish the process and leave behind a milky almond substance that you would expect from a blender that would cost hundreds of dollars.

The secret behind this impressive outcome could be because of the 700-watt motor used to power the Ambiano blender. This motor offers the same amount of power as one found in various NutriBullet models. Which gives you a good idea of what types of ingredients this handy little blender can take on.

The Breakfast Smoothie

One user attempted to make the same breakfast smoothie in the Ambiano machine that they normally make in their high-performance blender. The ingredients for this smoothie include an apple, almonds, oats, and spinach. Aside from a few detectable small pieces of apple peel that were noticeable in the Ambiano smoothie, the outcome was entirely the same.

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What Other Customers Have To Say About The Ambiano Nutri Blender From Aldi’s

Reading up on customer reviews you may find some mixed emotions when it comes to the Ambiano Nutri Blender. There were some consumers who took a chance on the blender and started leaving negative comments before their item even arrived.

The budget-friendly blender has only 10-speed settings and no preset features at all. Therefore, when you consider some advanced features, you really do get what you pay for when buying this product.

Consumers who go into this purchase with very high expectations are going to be let down. The Ambiano Nutri Blender is not the same as a $400 Vitamix or a $200 NutriBullet. Part of the reason why these higher-end products are so expensive is due to the exclusive features that you can only have access to by paying the price.


But if you are among the consumers who would love the benefits of a high-powered blender but cannot foresee paying an outrageous amount just to make homemade smoothies, you are in for a treat.

The Ambiano Nutri Blender is the perfect choice for those who have never owned a high-powered blender in the past. If you can’t compare the results of the Ambiano to those of a Ninja Blender or a NutriBullet, then you won’t mind if the Ambiano produces smoothies that may contain pulp or if it takes a few seconds longer to complete the blending process using the more affordable option.

The Ambiano Nutri Blender was designed to give families and individuals living on a tight budget the option to enjoy healthy and nutritious shakes and smoothies without breaking the bank. Consumers who expect the optimal amount of quality and performance from this machine should look into buying a lower-priced high-performance blender instead.

Comments From Real Customers Who Purchased The Ambiano

From a 5-Star Review: The Ambiano Nutri Blender is an excellent product. There is no need to spend more on a Nutri Bullet. It is easy to clean and maintain. The Ambiano blends frozen food with ease and can take on practically any type of ingredient to produce quality, great-tasting smoothies.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an overpriced machine, the Ambiano blender is a good choice for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to a Nutri Bullet. I use this product every day and haven’t had a single issue with it.

From a 4.5-Star Review: The blender has a higher speed than any other blender I have ever owned, and I have owned several over the years. It operates at 32000 RPM which is plenty of speed to create smoothies and shakes using fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.


By using the square jar, you can crush items much faster, allowing your strawberry milkshakes to come out completely smooth with no clumps. To get the maximum speed out of this product, you will have to use the Smoothie button.

Negative reviews for this blender are often left because of a defective product. One owner stated that their Ambiano Nutri Blender worked great for the initial four days of use and then it malfunctioned. Aldi customer service will provide you with a replacement if you have a defective product. So, overall it is worth the $80 risk to find out if the Ambiano Nutri Blender performs as so many people have claimed.

You can purchase an Ambiano Blender from any local Aldi’s locations that have the product in stock. You can also find the blender sold by various online retailers and on eBay.

To learn more about where to buy an Ambiano blender as well as useful warranty information, you can contact Aldi’s US by phone or email.

Why You Should Buy Aldi’s Ambiano Nutri Blender

Aside from the fact that the Ambiano blender works exceedingly well for the price, you will also receive excellent customer service if you ever have a question or concern about your product.

For those not familiar with Aldi, it is a German-based company that has supermarkets all throughout the world. The brand is best known for being “the grocery store that charges you a quarter to use a shopping cart.” And that is just one of the many misconceptions about the company.

Aldi’s offers a large variety of snacks, processed food, fresh produce canned food, frozen food, dairy items, and health and beauty products at a great value. They can offer their items at such an affordable price because of how the store operates.

Quarter Back Guarantee

To use a shopping cart, you must place a quarter into a slot to unlock a cart. But, when you return the cart back to the front of the store, you get your quarter back. This small change allows the store to keep their employees inside stocking shelves and working at the register instead of gathering runaway carts outside.

Another way that Aldi cuts down on costs is by not using plastic shopping bags. They don’t’ use any bags at all and none of their employees bag the items for you. You can bring your own reusable shopping bags to the store and bag your groceries on your own. Or you can purchase reusable Aldi bags at the checkout.

Most bags are less than $1. With more people choosing to use their own shopping bags to cut down on plastic waste these days, it is becoming more acceptable to bag your own groceries at any type of retail store.


While Aldi’s sells some brand name products such as Coca-Cola or Ghirardelli cake mix, the majority of their products come from their own private labels. Many shoppers who were hesitant about buying off-brand food items were pleasantly surprised to learn that many of Aldi’s products taste just the same if not better than their favorite brand name products.

When you contact Aldi’s customer service by phone, you will have the chance to speak with a live person at their US office located in Elk Grove, Illinois. The company has been known to send out brand-new replacement products to their customers in the U.S., postage free.

Because there are many people who have never heard of Aldi stores, it can be reassuring to learn that the company that manufactures and sells the Ambiano Blender is a company that strives to offer high-quality products to their customers at the most affordable price.

Is The Ambiano Nutri Blender A Good Choice For You?

If you have thought about buying a nutrient blender to make your own healthy drinks and purees, but haven’t because of the hefty price tag, the Ambiano Blender is a great choice for you. Many people may appreciate the benefits of a Ninja Blender or NutriBullet but are afraid that they will not use the product enough to get back what they paid for it.

The Ambiano Blender eliminates that excuse and allows you to own a powerful kitchen appliance at a fraction of the average cost. Many customers have seen impressive results by using this affordable product. We feel like you will also pleasantly surprised when you start using the Ambiano to create healthy shakes and smoothies for your entire family.