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If I had of asked this question back in the 1980’s, the answer definitely would have been no. A big No! Fat was the one thing that we needed to avoid to help us lose weight. So many of our favorite foods where then fat free and as a replacement, sugar was added. A lot of sugar! But was this a good and healthy strategy? Well another big No! There are actually many good fats like there is many bad fats. And we actually need good fats in our everyday diets. So what are some of the good fats and bad fats?

Bad Fats

These are the types of fat that will make you sick and probably give you a stroke! You probably already know which these bad fats are but eat them anyway as you enjoy the food. These bad fats are the ones that are usually full of sugar and found in packaged foods. These fats will raise cholesterol, increase the chance of heart disease, and will probably clog your arteries. Most fast food restaurants out there fall into this bad fat category. These foods often taste good while eating, but can often make your stomach turn afterwards. They are very addictive and very high in sugar. Unfortunately, they are also generally very convenient and often cheaper than healthy food.

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So what are some of these bad fats that we are talking about?

• Generally packaged food
• French fries
• Margarine
• Almost all fast food
• Candy
• Deep fried foods
• Most ice cream
• Some chocolate

Good Fats

Good fats are a must for our bodies and they are great for us. They have even been shown to help lower your cholesterol. Better yet, they have also been shown to lower your chances of heart disease, keep our brains in good working order, and retain our skin health. They are also great at giving us lots of usable energy.

Good fats are also high in vitamins such as A,D,E, and K. These vitamins are really important for developing bodies and help us all stay strong and healthy.

So what are some of these good fats that we are talking about?

• Salmon and trout
• Avocados
• Grass Fed Meat & Butter
• Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and cashews
• Olive oil
• Eggs
• Coconut Oil

It is easy to blame fatty foods for us being overweight. But we believe that the main issue is the types of foods we eat and the fact that we are eating more bad fats. Eating a healthy diet with very little to no sugar, good fats, combined with weight loss shakes can help you lose weight and stay at a healthier weight.