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Weight loss goals

Have you tried what seems to be basically everything to lose weight but that those pounds are really stubborn and difficult to remove?

Seems like some people never have trouble losing weight and never seem to put on weight no matter what they eat or how often. How is this fair when you have always struggled? Have you blamed genetics or your lack of willpower? Genetics do have a part to play in weight loss but there are actually other more important factors in play.

Along with weight loss shakes, one of the most important factors in our weightless is our mindset.

When we want to lose weight, we usually on calories eaten, calories burned, how many carbs, protein and fat we have consumed. And we almost never focus on our mindset. We never focus on our negative self, putting ourselves down. These things could actually be doing great harm to meeting our weigh loss goals.

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If you do all the right things in terms of eating well and getting in lots of exercise, you still may struggle to lose weight if you are not in the right mindset. Because if you are not in a weight loss mindset, the smallest mistake to make will probably send you off the rails and lead to a junk food frenzy.

Before you even start your new diet or exercise program, you should first get into the right positive mindset. Try and focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet for the long term.

Here are some of our top tips to help you keep your mindset.

Set Attainable Goals

Before you start your weight loss journey, set yourself multiple goals. Some of these should be small and others big and a little far fetched. When you achieve some of your smaller goals, this will really help you to get into a really positive mindset and make you really excited. These goals will actually help you get to your larger goals by having a really positive mindset. On the other hand, if you set goals which are unrealistic (ie. I want to lose 20 pounds a week), you won’t even try reaching them because you know that they are basically impossible and you won’t try.

So if you live in an apartment building, make it a goal to take the stairs at least 3 times a week if you have to go up many floors. If you are on the 3rd or 4th floor, take the stairs every time you get home.

Keeping Stress Under Control

Believe it or not, stress actually has a large impact on weight gain and it makes weight loss nearly impossible. Stress triggers emotional responses, which includes emotional eating. These cravings usually come in the form of salty or sweet foods and end up with you eating junk food. We recommend exercising a few times a week and do some deep breathing to help reduce stress and improve your mindset. And it doesn’t end here, your stress levels also impact how your food is digested with the more stressed you are, the worse your body processes food.

Stay Off The Scales

Is the first thing you do each morning to check your weight on your scales? You see a very marginal increase and it basically ruins your mood and gives you that feeling of why bother trying to do all these things to lose weight when they don’t even work. While weighing yourself can be a good way to keep track of your progress, they can also be the cause of pressure and stress. A better way to track your progress however, is to use measurements from key parts of your body. Such as arms, waist, upper body, thighs, etc.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

You have probably heard this before but you never seem to remember it when it matters. Muscle weighs more than fat. This means that if you are doing weight training or even just most exercises help you build muscle, so you may be losing fat but gaining muscle. So if you check the scales each day, you may see the same number staring at you even though you have been exercising so much. This leads to us feeling depressed and thinking that we are not losing weight. But in fact, we are losing fat and getting far healthier so the number on the scale seems less important now doesn’t it.

Have A Support Team

Whether it is family or friends, find people in your life that you can rely on to support you in the tough times of weight loss journeys. You can bounce weight loss ideas off them and they can even help you celebrate victories big or small. Usually it is better to have people in your support team who have successfully lost weight recently or those who are trying the same time as you. This way they know exactly what you are going through. You can also exercise with your support team whether it’s going to the gym or going for a walk. Make sure to keep exercise fun as this helps you stick to your new routine and you will be more likely to continue exercising long term.