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IdealShape Reviews

I think that you will agree with me when I say, I don’t think that anyone of us actually wants to be overweight. Being overweight can cause many health issues along with just not being able to do what we want to do. Energy levels usually also suffer big time.

I don’t know about you, but the sound of an operation to lose weight scares almost as much as my weight used to scare me! I was hoping that there would be an easier way to lose weight without the side effects. Then I found out about Ideal Shape shakes. Out of all the weight loss shakes, Ideal Shape shakes are by far my favorite . I loved them so much that I created a whole page for IdealShape reviews.

IdealShape Reviews: What Are IdealShape Shakes?

IdealShape Reviews

We all know that it is hard to control your hunger and at the same time reduce calories. If you can’t control your hunger, it’s really difficult to lose weight.

This is where Ideal Shape shakes come in. They are a meal replacement that includes a hunger blocker. This helps keep you full for longer while helping you to lose weight. More information about the hunger blocker below.

You can replace just 1 meal a day with an Ideal Shape shake to lose weight. If you replace 2 meals a day, that accelerates your weight loss!

After reading so many IdealShape reviews on the internet and trying the shakes for myself, I feel like I can give an honest review on their products.

These shakes are very smooth, creamy, and delicious. I feel like I am cheating my diet each time I have one which means that they must taste great. You can add fruits into your shakes as well for extra flavors or to mix it up. Or you can simply add water which also tastes great!

Each shake only has approx. 110 calories and 1g of sugar. That sounds pretty good to me! It also helped me feel like I wasn’t missing out on my food as they taste great. They also have approx. 11g of protein to help keep you full. Or in combination with exercise, that will help you build muscle.

Ideal Shape shakes are also very affordable. At around $1.30 per shake/meal, it is extremely affordable to buy. It is a lot cheaper than buying other food, that’s for sure.

Gluten Free

All Ideal Shape shakes are gluten free. This is great for people who are on a gluten free diet or those who suffer from celiac disease.


Ideal Shape shakes also adhere to kosher dietary laws.

Slendesta Hunger Blocker

Ideal Shape Shakes easily keep you going until your next meal or shake. A lot of research and development was conducted to produce an industry leading product for suppressing appetite and blocking hunger.

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Most weight loss shakes only use fiber to fill you up. But I found that was never enough to keep me going until my next meal. This was a problem for me as I was having more shakes then I was supposed to.

Ideal Shape shakes use protein, fiber and their patented hunger blocking ingredient – Slendesta. Basically Slendesta is an all-natural potato protein extract. The great news is that there have been no reported side effects for Slendesta. This means that we can keep fuller longer by using these natural ingredients. And you won’t find this in any other weight loss shakes.

22 Vitamins And Minerals

Helpful IdealShape Reviews

In order for Ideal Shape shakes to be an effective meal replacement, they must give your body what it needs to be healthy. So basically, Ideal Shape have packed each shake with the following vitamins and minerals:

What I Didn’t Like About IdealShape

I’ve got to be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t like about Ideal Shape shakes. If I had to find something wrong, I guess that there should be more flavors. The thing is that their current flavors taste so good though!

It also took me a few days to get used replacing my meals with these weight loss shakes. The first few days I was still a bit hungry afterwards. But after that initial period, I was full after each shake. So really, after the first few days, there are no real issues with this product.

What I liked About IdealShape

There are a few things that I really liked about Ideal Shape shakes. Firstly, they taste great! They are the best weight loss/protein shake that I have ever had. I especially like the vanilla flavor. I also like that there are so many good ingredients in Ideal Shape shakes. So I know that I am not doing my body harm while switching my meals with shakes.

Mixing some other ingredients with these shakes can also taste great. I sometimes put in fruit such as strawberries or bananas. Yum!

Also, I guess the thing that I liked most about Ideal Shape shakes was that they actually worked and I lost weight. I guess this is a pretty major thing! These are the main reasons why I created separate IdealShape reviews!

IdealShape Reviews

Where to Buy Ideal Shape Shakes?

Unfortunately you cannot buy Ideal Shape Shakes in stores. Which is why IdealShape reviews such as this one are so important. You can’t just go into a store and ask the staff what they know about the product and if they even taste any good. You actually need to search for IdealShape reviews on the internet. So Where To Buy Ideal Shape Shakes? You need to get them directly from the IdealShape website here.

This being said, IdealShape can be bought online. It can be bought from a few different sites including Amazon. However, what I have noticed, the cheapest place to buy IdealShape is actually directly from their website. Not only is it cheaper, but you also get a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee! So if you are not satisfied in anyway, you can return the product and get your money back.

Also, for a limited time, IdealShape is offering $5 off orders above $29.99. This is even more incentive to order now!

Idealshape Reviews

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