Current Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes for January 2021:

1) IdealShape

2) SlimFast

3) RightSize​

Not only do meal replacement shakes create a better nutritious meal for you, they also help you gain lean muscle and lose weight. The shakes are easy to make and very convenient. They take minimal amount of effort to make a great difference. Learn all the ways to effectively use the meal replacement shake and take a few minutes to gather the useful information to get desired results.

Weight Management is a main reason that people are hooked on meal replacement shakes. There was a study at University of Ulm that studied the effects of meal replacement shakes on the obese. Those who used meal replacement shakes lost more overall weight at the end of the year than those who managed their diet only eating normal foods.

These meal replacement shakes are easy to make and take little to no preparation. They are easy and convenient when you are in a rush or have minimal time to eat. Take the shake on the go! They’re perfect for on the rush activities.

Considerations and Concerns:

Make sure to get approval by a doctor or a professional about the specific shake you would like to use. Some of the meal replacement shakes are high in sugar and will end up hurting you more than helping you, so make sure to get a recommendation or do extensive research. If these are going to be an everyday replacement, you want to make sure that the shake of choice is the best around.

Also, be careful not to get malnourished in the meanwhile. Replacing every single meal is unhealthy. You should still be eating regular healthy foods along with the shakes.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes – Store Bought

1. Isopure Original



Isopure can be found in supermarkets and is one of the leading brands for meal replacement shakes. The drink is pleasing to drink and tastes like a juice pouch. The bottles are pre-made, and require no additional preparation.

The benefits of Isopure are amazing. They have no fat at all, and contain 40g of whey protein and 25g carbs. It is advised to drink the shake either with a fruit, vegetable, or a half an avocado.

Where can you find Isopure? If you have a GNC around you, they are available there for about $4.00 a bottle. One bottle equals one meal replacement.

2. Orgain Organic Nutritional Shakes – Organic Meal Replacement Shake



This shake is all organic, including the necessary nutrients and minerals to replace a meal with. Orgain is pre made with no preparation needed. The bottles come already made and they come with smiles and guaranteed results. Orgain offers a variety of flavors, including chocolate fudge, vanilla bean, strawberry, and iced cafe mocha.

In each bottle of Orgain:

  • 16g protein – grass fed whey protein
  • 255 calories
  • 7g fat
  • 2g fiber

You can get these shakes at CVS, Rite Aid, or the market for about $10.00 for a 4 pack.

3. CalNaturale Svelte Protein Shakes – Organic Protein



Calnaturale comes with a variety of benefits. The easy to access weight loss shake is top rated among many. It is made with special organic protein and rank low in sugar. The flavors range anywhere from spiced chai to banana creme. Each bottle is 11 ounces of health and only has about 180 calories each. Along with the shake, it is advised to eat a little extra something like hard boiled eggs or cottage cheese. You can find a four pack of this delicious and nutritious shake for about $10.00.

AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes



Get Started With Green Thickies Shakes

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  • 200-220 calories per shake
  • 50% DV Calcium
  • Same amount of proteins and carbs
  • Low fat
  • Low sodium
  • 5g dietary fiber in each shake
  • 25+ vitamins and minerals
  • 20+g of protein

AdvoCare provides a vast amount of vitamins and minerals, which is just as important as protein. This company makes sure only the necessary elements are included to make a perfect meal replacement to lose weight, and gain health.

Find 100 AdvoCare recipes here!

Don’t Want to Buy Anything? Make a Homemade Shake.

Homemade Meal Replacement Shake

An easy way to make a homemade meal replacement shake is to make smoothies every morning. They take about 5-10 minutes to prepare and make, and no additional powders or store bought protein is needed. All you need is ice, yogurt, and fruit. An alternative for yogurt could be soy milk or almond milk as well. Frozen fruit such as strawberries and blueberries can be used with less ice than normal.  A great addition to the smoothie would be a banana, creating potassium for your daily diet. A nutritious breakfast will benefit you with your weight loss plan in the long run and allow you more leeway to eat other kinds of foods.

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and can be used as a protein supplement instead of expensive protein powder. Milk and regular yogurt also have protein but not nearly as much as is needed.

See how greek yogurt affects your health by clicking on this link!

Meal replacement shakes often come with sugars and sweeteners. With a homemade meal replacement shake, the sugars can be skipped and replaced with fruits to get a sweet taste. Fruit and vegetables can be used as the composition, because the composition in the powders often come with things included like hemp or seeds.



The best meal replacement shakes are easily available if you just look online! Most of the time you can find them in convenient stores, markets, or your local GNC store. If not, they are readily available online through Once you start the process you will fall in love with the way it makes you feel! You won’t be able to stop being healthy! Start now and get the best meal replacement shakes to start your diet right.