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Summer is coming up and everyone wants to shed those winter pounds from the holidays.  Others maybe the new year’s resolution didn’t go quite as planned.  No matter the circumstance everyone wants to shed those unwanted pounds.  There are many offers out there now of how to lose those pounds for the summer body and get the figure you always wanted.  Here’s the thing…don’t believe them.  They don’t help keep the pounds off or are good for the body.  If any weight loss gimmick is advertising pills, laxatives, or fasting you should avoid.  Instead here’s the long term ways to lose the extra pounds that will stay away and improve your overall health.

It is important to remember that you should not drop below 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day.  The body uses to calories to function and without those it will find somewhere to get energy.  This will harm you if you go below that number of calories so it is important to eat enough to keep your body functioning properly.

Diet is one of the first things everyone jumps to when it comes to weight loss.  Not only that. but many people seem to think dieting means sacrifice.  It may be some sacrifice, but overall it is small changes to your already everyday diet and being more conscious of what you eat.

Eat all three meals of a day.  Don’t skip out on any meals.  You may think those are just extra calories, but they aren’t.  When you skip meals it tricks the body into thinking there’s not enough food.  So to compensate the body slows the metabolism to conserve the energy it does have.  That means in the long run it hurts more than helps.  If you can’t fit lunch into your day eat snacks throughout the day.  This will keep the metabolism going.

Try to reduce your salt intake.  People today consume much more than the recommended amount of sodium a day by about double the recommended.  That extra salt means more water retention and will increase your weight and leave you feeling bloated.  Try to avoid the snacks with salt or processed foods with high sodium contents.

Avoid liquids that are high in calories.  That juice smoothie may seem healthier than the lunch you wanted today, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.  Juices leave you feeling empty and less satisfied making you more inclined to go get another.  The truth is solid food will leave you feeling more satisfied and won’t leave you wanting seconds.  Avoiding high calorie drinks keeps those few extra calories away.

Drink water instead.  Water is important for many bodily functions including metabolism.  It keeps everything running well in the body and helps burn more calories.  Try to drink around 8 glasses of water a day to keep everything well.

Stay away from starches, added sugars, and processed foods.  These aren’t good for any diet.  They pack on the calories.  Instead eat vegetables, protein, and natural fats.  Vegetables are low in calories while still leaving you feel full.  High amounts of protein are good for the long term energy and reduces the urges for other foods.  Natural fats are recommended too for high protein and vegetable diets.  It keeps the body balanced because vegetables and meats sometimes miss out on those necessary fats.  These natural fats can come from oils such as coconut, oil, and avocado oil.

Some foods do a quick metabolism boost.  There are a few foods out there can give you the quick metabolism boost if you’re able to.

Green tea can help burn an extra 70 calories a day.  Green tea contains an antioxidant called catechins that boost the efficiency of the metabolism.  70 calories a day may not sound like a lot at first, but by the end of the year it totals up to 7.3 pounds.

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Spicy foods can keep those calories burning at rest.  The chemical in peppers that makes them spicy is capsaicin.  Capsaicin makes the body release stress hormones then causes the release of the adrenaline.  That’s the reason why capsaicin helps boost metabolism because of the release of adrenaline.  Not only that, spicy foods reduce the appetite and keeps those calories away.



Tea and coffee are major metabolism boosters.  The caffeine in  tea and coffee help boost metabolism and can give the extra kick when you’re exercising.  This means higher metabolism and more calorie burning exercising.

Exercise is key to any weight loss.  Don’t focus just on the diet.  Eating better won’t shed those extra pounds, but exercising will.  Exercise and eating well are key to any weight loss success.

Exercise in the evening.  As the day goes on your metabolism begins to slow.  You should be exercising in total about an hour a day for healthy living.  If you choose to exercise in the evening it’s best to exercise 30 minutes before your evening meal.  This jump starts the metabolism again and let’s those meal calories be burned fast.  After that the metabolism kick lasts for 3 to 4 hours after.

Don’t be afraid to start strength training.  Cardio may burn calories, but lifting will burn more.  Building strength pushed the body and requires it to expend more energy.  The reason to not be afraid of strength training is because it won’t make you bulky unless you want it too.  Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting as much as you can.  It can be as simply as push-ups, sit ups, and squats here and there.  Muscle will give the appearance of a slimmer figure because it burns fat fast.  Incorporate into your week about three or four days.

All of this is the big changes to losing the weight, but if you don’t want to dive headfirst into all of the fitness and healthy eating associated with losing weight there are small things you can do.

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom


To start, get a better night’s sleep.  Sleep deprivation hurts the metabolism and can keep calories from being burned.  So be sure to get a the full 8 hours in every night to help out your body.

Walking up stairs


If you can find those little exercise moments.  Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs or walk to work or wherever you’re going instead.  This will keep you moving and energized.

Stay Busy


Try to stay busy as often as you can.  Boredom may result in eating because you have nothing to do.  So keep occupied and focused to avoid wandering to get a snack.

Keep in mind it is OK to cheat on your diet.  All the dieting can get to you and make you have cravings. Rather than binge eat those cravings, give in once in a while.  It will reduce your chances of bunging and ruining your diet.  When you do have your cheat meal or eating a meal in general try to aim for a smaller plate.  Believe it or not it tricks the brain into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are.  It keeps portions smaller and reducing your calorie intake.