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Building on Delicious

What would you consider your ideal flavor of shake? Mint Chocolate Chip, or Cookies and Cream, maybe?  While some exceptions exist in the form of classics, the shakes that immediately come to mind share one common characteristic: multiple elements. Mixing flavors and textures opens a world of possibilities that both pleases your taste buds and exercises your creativity.

Thanks to the existence of weight loss shakes created by companies like Ideal Shape, your favorite beverages no longer need to induce guilt. And, the almost universal flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha, provide the perfect foundation upon which many unique shakes can evolve. Additional ingredients can complement these already delicious flavors by being mixed in, sprinkled on top, or consumed on the side. With a little background knowledge and a lot of creativity, you can make your weight loss shakes even more delicious than before.

As the ultimate goal with these shakes is to lose weight, the key focus to keep in mind when adding ingredients should be to maintain the nutritious nature. You do not want to eliminate the beneficial qualities of your shake by adding junk to the top. Therefore, each suggested ingredient below contains positive attributes which only reinforce the function of your weight loss shakes.

Immediately following this focus on health-consciousness, you can make your weight loss shakes even more delicious than before with just a touch of creativity. Delicious is a relative term, defined on an individual basis and through personal preference. Thus, the below suggestions are only meant to spark your own originality and encourage you to invent creations which fulfill your own definition of delicious.

Chocolate Weight Loss Shakes

For instance, after making a chocolate shake with a formula such as the one produced by Ideal Shape, you could increase its appeal by adding various nuts. Whether it be peanuts, walnuts, or pecans, the nutty and salty crunch perfectly contrasts the smooth sweetness of the shake, while providing a substantial source of protein. Also, scientists recently and popularly proved dark chocolate as beneficial to health, lowering risk of heart disease among other things. So you could sprinkle some of these morsels in your shake to make it more substantial, appeasing any chocolate-lover.

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Chocolate Weight Loss Shake
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Vanilla Weight Loss Shakes

In terms of the vanilla shake, you have a blank slate, an opportunity to show off your imaginative prowess with slim risk of failure. Cherries could inject some gusto into this shake, but choose fresh ones over the typical maraschino variety in order to lower sugar and maximize nutrition. In a different direction, granola either sprinkled on top or in the form of a bar could give this conventional shake a twist. Making a homemade version would be ideal, but otherwise, try to find a brand of granola which incorporates whole and natural ingredients.

Vanilla Weight Loss Shake
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Strawberry Weight Loss Shakes

For the strawberry weight loss shake, fruits like bananas and blueberries provide fairly standard combinations.  You could even slice some fresh strawberries on top to downplay any artificial hints and make your shake taste like you whipped it up from scratch. Or, if you’re a fan of coconut, toasting some unsweetened flakes as a garnish present an unexpected twist that packs a nutritional punch thanks to its healthy fats.

Strawberry Weight Loss Shake
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Mocha Weight Loss Shakes

The mocha flavor offered by Ideal Shakes seems an exciting option on its own, as it is not as frequently produced by other weight loss shake companies. But even this can undergo enhancement with the addition of toppings. Mocha typically incorporates a combination of coffee and chocolate. To compliment the coffee aspect, a topping of hazelnuts, either raw or toasted, would mimic the common creamer flavor while boasting health properties common in other nuts. To emphasize the chocolate flavor, enter carob chips, which contain a similar taste without the caffeine.

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Whether it be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or mocha, common flavors that seem basic upon first glance actually facilitate incredible diversity among weight loss shakes. While discussed separately, the supplements suggested above can extend to any and all of the flavors. You could even mix multiple toppings in order to keep your options fresh and exciting.

Feel free to continue drinking the traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha weight loss shakes Ideal Shape produces; they are more than capable of satisfying your taste buds. But if you are interested in mixing it up, enjoy these recommendations or utilize your own creativity to make your weight loss shakes even more delicious.