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Did you know that it’s not just what we eat and how much we exercise that is preventing us from losing weight? It’s also our mindsets. We often tell ourselves reasons (excuses) why we cannot lose weight then blame those reasons afterwards when no weight was lost. So what are some of the biggest things we tell ourselves which are holding us back from reaching our weight loss goal? Here they are:

My Family Is Overweight

Many people have grown up on junk food and fast food and as a result both their parents and them are overweight. This often leads to the belief that since my family is overweight, I am destined to be overweight too. However, this is completely untrue. But it does make it harder to lose weight if you are still living with your family as that kind of junk food will still be surrounding you which will make it harder to give up. Just because your family is overweight, doesn’t mean that you have to be too.

Now Is Not A Good Time To Start Losing Weight

We hear this one a lot! There is always a reason why people put off losing weight. Reasons such as I will start losing weight after I get that promotion, move into my new house, or after I finish University. The list goes on. People think there will always be a better time later to lose weight but that is not right now. But there may never be a perfect time to lose weight so why not start now?

I Don’t Have Time To Exercise

People often use the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise. Therefore this idea gets fixated into their heads and they never do any exercise. But I think that everyone has at least some time to exercise pretty much every day. Even people who run multimillion dollar businesses have time to exercise and in fact they often contribute consistent exercise to their success. Whether you’re a new mom or someone who is working hard to get that promotion, we all should have at least 15 minutes a day to exercise. It could be a walk, run, bike ride, or even just do a few push ups and sit ups each day.

I Can’t Eat Anything Good When I am Dieting

Diets don’t need to be all or nothing. They don’t have to mean that you will never eat a good tasting food again. This often leads to binging out on junk food, a lot of junk food. It also often leads to having a very negative point of view of a diet. Try eating healthy each meal, add your weight loss shakes for breakfast, and once a week you can have your favorite desert or food without guilt. Don’t think of it as a cheat meal, think of it as a reward meal.