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What is the big deal about green tea?  Green tea has so many health benefits it will blow your mind.  It is packed full of antioxidants, it boosts metabolism, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, and tastes amazing.  Green tea is considered a super food, even though you drink it.  Drinking green tea is a no brainer because there’s nothing bad about it.  Weight loss programs and experts are going crazy about the discovery of green tea and its benefits.  Read below to find out why green tea is so good for you, helps you lose weight, fights cancer, and is great for your general health.

This infographic is very informative on all of the benefits of green tea.  Green tea has way more advantages to drinking it, than not drinking it.  It is a superfood because it helps you to burn fat and protects and prevents many of your body parts from any harm.  The infographic proves to you why green tea is so great and why you should drink more.  The green tea in the infographic is all natural, if you choose to add anything else that may be unhealthy that is up to you.  The infographic is a great tool to use and easy to read.  For me personally I rather look and read this infographic instead of watching a 20 minute video.  Green tea is all the new rage and you can join in with it too.

Top 10 Actually Proven Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea

This YouTube video gives the perfect visualization and information on the benefits of matcha green tea.  In the video you find out all the wonderful secrets of how green tea really effects you.  Also the video reveals how green tea can help to prevent cancer and how that whole process works in your body.  These ten tips are very helpful for anyone.  If you want to start drinking this superfood I advice you to watch this video to help you get started.  This video is really beneficial to watch if you are interested in what the big deal about green tea is.

Green Tea VS Black Tea

Black tea vs. green tea

This is a must watch video that will give you all the benefits not only on green tea but also of black tea.  It provides experts research results and facts on how green tea and black tea are both very beneficial to you.  They have many similarities because they are both grown from the Camellia sinensis.  I believe this you tube video is worth watching.  Not only does it list all of the benefits of drinking both black and green tea but it also provides you with in depth details of all the benefits.  Both types are proven to be beneficial to you and are all the rage lately.  Click here to see more of green teas amazing benefits and why you should join the trend.

Using Green Tea to Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat- green tea

This YouTube video gives you all the details on how to lose fat efficiently with green tea.  Ignoring the monotone narrator, the video is actually interesting and the information it prevents is beneficial.  To those of you who are looking to lose weight this is the video for you.  It says that you need to drink at least 5 cups of green tea a day to actually see results.  There is no harm if you drink more or less so drink away. Click Here to watch the video in full.

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream - Healthy Dessert Recipes at Desserts with BenefitsWho would’ve thought that ice cream could be so healthy.  Low in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sugar, and it still tastes sweet and yummy.  If you are looking for a healthy dessert this is perfect.   Also,  the green tea makes this ice cream 10x better for you in taste.  It adds flavor and green tea is extremely healthy for you.  Along with organic heavy cream and other ingredients it includes protein.  This green tea ice cream recipe has it all: taste and healthiness.  Who does not like to enjoy some ice cream and especially since it is healthy, you can be guilt free. Click here to read more about the benefits of green tea and how to make it into ice cream.

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Green Tea Fat Burner: Does It Really Work?

Does it really burn fatThis video gives you all of the benefits of green tea.  It is a great tool to use if you want to know the basics of how and why green tea burns fat.  It covers the amount of caffeine in green tea along with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients.  Also, in the video it explains how green tea makes you feel full for longer.  Green tea is a superfood and surely does work to burn fat. Click here to listen to more on how green tea really does burn fat and why you should drink green tea.

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino copycat

Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino can be made at home. Try this copycat recipe today. Easy to make and the green tea makes this sweet dessert healthy.  This article gives you the perfect instructions to make your own green tea Frappuccino and what ingredients to use.  This green tea Frappuccino includes matcha green tea which is the healthy part to this recipe.  Green tea is so healthy for you because it boosts your metabolism leading to fat loss.  Also, it has many other benefits.  Read the article to find out more on why green tea is such a big deal and how to make a healthy green tea Frappuccino. Click here to read more.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Benefits and Review by Boost Healthy

matcha benefitsThis video is a great way to find out what really is in matcha green tea and how matcha powder benefits your health.  I thought this video was very educational and helped to prove that green tea is a big deal.  It compares green tea to other products and healthy food sources.  To see the real benefits of green tea and how they compare to other foods in all sorts of categories check out the rest of the video. Green tea beats almost all of them in its health benefits.  To view the video  click here.

Drinking Matcha Green Tea For Weight Loss- Dr. Mariza Snyder on Backbar Sessions

how to make matchaDr. Mariza Snyder tells us all about the benefits of matcha green tea.  Not only does she tell us the benefits but she gives examples of how to incorporate matcha tea into your life. Although this video is kind of lengthy it is not a waste of time.  If you want to find the perfect ways to incorporate this healthy drink into you and your families health, I highly recommend this video for you.  Click here to watch more of   Dr. Mariza and her wise words about matcha green tea.  This video really does give you all the information you need to know about matcha green tea.  If you would like to watch this one of a kind video click here.

7 Metabolism Boosting Superfoods


Green tea is a big deal according to this infographic.  It is considered one of the top 7 superfoods. It is ranked so high because it significantly helps in the process of weight loss. The caffeine is moderate in green tea making it a good energy source.  Also, it is loaded with antioxidants which help to burn fat while exercising and resting.  Together the caffeine and antioxidants help to make green tea a super food.  To read more about the infographic click here.

3 Reasons Why Green Tea is a Superfood

3 Reasons Why Green Tea is a SuperfoodLearn all about why green tea is an actual superfood. This article is a good introduction if you know nothing about green tea and all of its benefits.  It gives information on how green tea is a cancer fighter, is easy to incorporate into your diet, and how it helps you to lose weight.  To read more about why green tea is a superfood click here.

What Is the Green Tea diet?

Green Tea If you are wondering what exactly the green tea diet is, this is the perfect article for you.  You are not by any means starving yourself in this diet you are just simply adding green tea into your diet.  Green tea helps to prevent carbohydrates from absorbing and it helps to burn fat rapidly.  This article does a great job of explaining the green tea diet and what the diet does.  If you are looking to cut weight but don’t want to cut any of the food you are eating you should read this article to find out how you can accomplish your goals.  To read more of this article click here.


Now you know all of the secrets of green tea.  It really is a super food and is a big deal in the weight loss and nutrition industries.  Green tea is an inexpensive way to lose weight instead of having to pay for expensive trainers or weight loss pills.  This ancient tea from Japan and China has proven to work for centuries. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you whether you want green tea to make a big deal in your life or not.