Current Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes for October 2021:

1) IdealShape

2) SlimFast

3) RightSize​

Current Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes for May 2019:

  1. IdealShape
  2. SlimFast
  3. RightSize

What Are Ideal Shape Shakes?

Ideal Shape Shakes are a specially designed weight loss shake that is used to replace a meal. It is formulated to help you lose weight, and you simply drink one of the shakes instead of your normal meal. Let's face it; these days none of us have time to make a healthy meal from scratch. We get home late from work and are exhausted. Or we are so busy at work that we don't have time to go out and get lunch, so we end up eating nothing at all for lunch. So we eat unhealthy snacks all day instead. Ideal Shape shakes have all the vitamins and minerals that you need. But they help you control your portion size, and they don't allow you to overeat or have fatty/unhealthy foods. Ideal Shape shakes are gluten-free and are kosher.

Ideal Shape Shakes 30-Day Money Back 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Where to buy Ideal Shape shakes

You can now try Ideal Shape shakes 100% risk free! Ideal Shape is currently offering a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee! This means you have nothing to lose by trying Ideal Shape today. If you don’t like the weight loss shakes, simply send them back with 30 days and get a refund. It’s that simple.

The Ingredients Responsible For Weight Loss

For a meal replacement shake to be effective in weight loss and healthy for consumption, it mustn’t contain artificial ingredients but only nutritious vitamins that improve your health. Below is a list of the key ingredients to help with weight loss that you can find within these meal replacement shakes.


Slendesta is responsible for reducing your hunger so you avoid picking snacks and increasing your daily intake. To successfully lose weight, it’s not just about willpower as you’ll develop unhealthy habits and become unhappy on your journey, so it’s important that you genuinely feel less hungry so you’re less likely to eat. 

This potato protein suppresses hunger for up to three hours and sends a hormone to your body that signals you’re full. By adding Slendesta into these meal replacement shakes, you won’t be tempted to reach for a sugary, fatty snack but will make more conscious, healthier food choices.


A meal replacement shake should contain a healthy dosage of protein to fight cravings and hunger pains. By increasing your protein intake, you’ll feel fuller for longer and increase your muscle mass. Not only does this mean you’ll see more definition, but this will increase your metabolism so you burn more calories to help with your weight loss. This is probably one of the most important ingredients in meal replacement shakes and essential for your body to function correctly, too.

Consuming more protein reduces the amount of sugar that enters your bloodstream which keeps your blood sugar levels balanced to prevent any sugar cravings.

However, not all meal replacement shakes use a high-quality, natural protein. Thankfully, Ideal Shape shakes are made with a whey protein source that has a high percentage of protein that your body needs. As a result, you experience more weight loss than meal replacement shakes without this protein type.


This ingredient helps with weight loss by blocking hunger so you eat less. This works by your body not metabolizing the ingredient so you feel fuller for longer. Meal replacement shakes contain high levels of fiber are more effective than those without since you’ll consume fewer calories. 

Fiber also helps you to maintain a healthy weight so if you want to consume meal replacement shakes for their nutritional value rather than to lose weight, Ideal Shape shakes are a great choice for this goal also. Foods that are higher in fiber tend to have fewer calories, such as fruit and vegetables. Fiber also leaves you with more energy which is a great benefit to keep you motivated and moving for a vigorous gym session. Plus, it has many fat-burning benefits and prevents any sugar spikes that can leave you suddenly energetic and then drained shortly after.

Finally, this key ingredient has a positive impact on lowering your cholesterol. Some research has also proven that a diet high in fiber can prevent many cancers. Now, if that’s not a big enough reason to up your intake of fiber, I don’t know what is.

The Nutritional Value With These Meal Replacement Shakes

Now that we’ve discussed the key ingredients that can combat hunger and increase weight loss, let’s take a look at the nutritional value these meal replacement shakes offer and how they can benefit your overall health and not just assist with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.


We’re so used to being told to avoid carbohydrates during a weight-loss journey, but dramatically reducing your intake of carbohydrates will leave you with little energy and feeling grouchy. However, it is true that consuming too many carbohydrates or unhealthy kinds can contribute to weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you should refrain from the ‘c’ word.

Ideal Shape shakes contain a healthy amount of carbohydrates to support your body function and leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the world. When you feel unenergized and low, that’s when you’re more likely to reach for chocolate and make unhealthy choices. Finally, one of the biggest reasons why some diets don’t work is because they restrict your carbohydrate intake, leaving you less likely to hit the gym and generally energy-less so you don’t burn off additional calories.

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Again, this is another ingredient we’re told to avoid. Thankfully, Ideal Shape shakes don’t contain added sugars, but use sugar-free sweeteners such as Ace-K and Sucralose. These ingredients are key for keeping weight gain to a minimum as your body doesn’t convert sugar to fat. If you consume large amounts of sugar, your body holds onto this as fat, even if you’re reducing your calories in other ways.

Some meal replacement shakes taste delicious because they’re packed with sugar to make them more addictive so you keep purchasing them. But when you reduce your sugar intake, you’ll notice that you have more energy, fewer mood swings, and less fat around your stomach area. Plus sugar is a dangerous chemical that can cause heart disease and cancer, so even if you’re not wanting to lose weight, there’s nothing wrong with becoming healthier in general.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Losing weight doesn’t just require increasing your exercise and reducing your daily calorie intake. This lifestyle change also means improving your health and consuming more vitamins and minerals that support your immune system and help your body to function properly. In each meal replacement shake, you’ll find 18 nutritious vitamins and minerals that will increase your energy levels and help you feel healthier and happier about yourself.

When your body has all the nutrients it needs, you won’t crave the nasty, unhealthy ingredients that can lead to weight gain or disrupt your weight-loss journey. There are some vitamins that boost your metabolism so you burn more calories without doing anything significantly different. No matter your body type or end goal, everyone should focus on consuming more vitamins and minerals in their daily diet to feel healthier and happier.

What People Are Saying About These Meal Replacement Shakes

When scrolling through the Ideal Shape website, we discovered plenty of success stories and customer reviews that have a positive outlook toward these meal replacement shakes. Some customers like to use these products for times in their life when they feel unhealthy or a bit sluggish. As it doesn’t taste like a typical diet drink but has a creamy, smooth texture, it’s enjoyable to drink. Plus, you don’t have to drink these shakes forever, as just a few days is enough to feel the benefits and get you back on track.

There’s also a huge emphasis on how these meal replacement shakes satisfy your appetite. One customer reported that they felt full for the next four hours after drinking a shake for breakfast. Plus, as the brand is healthy and nutritious, you’ll feel better about knowing you’re consuming vitamins and minerals rather than artificial ingredients. 

Alternative Products to Purchase by Ideal Shape

Ideal Boost

If you’re motivated to lose weight and improve your diet, Ideal Shape also sells a weight-loss drink to replace unhealthy habits with sodas and energy drinks. These low-calorie drinks provide you with heaps of energy without experiencing sugar crashes afterward where you feel tired and unenergized. They’re guilt-free, taste delicious and quench your thirst so you’re less likely to reach for a can of soda containing heaps of sugar.

Ideal Boost drinks help to increase fat loss and suppress your appetite. Avoid drinking diet drinks that are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients as these are addictive and trick your mind into thinking you’ve consumed sugar so that you crave it later. Plus, these types of drinks don’t improve your health and can often make your mood worse. On the other hand, Ideal Boost drinks contain essential vitamins such as B3, B6, and B12, to leave you feeling happier without feeling down shortly after.

Another fantastic benefit of Ideal Boost is that they contain a hunger-blocking ingredient. So, not only are you drinking a nutritious, thirst-quenching drink, but you’re kicking cravings which makes you less likely to snack in-between meals.

Ideal Bar

For those days when you feel like a treat or require more energy, Ideal Shape also sells nutritious bars that are convenient and a great alternative to a chooclate bar. Their extensive range of nutritious bars are great for anyone trying to lose weight as they contain few calories and no artificial sugars. 

Each meal replacement bar contains Slendesta (as mentioned earlier this is an ingredient that suppresses your appetite) so you feel full for the next three hours. Also, these bars are a great way to increase your protein intake as there are 10 grams of protein in each bar. Plus, you’ll also find 24 essential vitamins and minerals so your body has all the energy it needs for the rest of the day.

Ideal Chips

If you love potato chips, it can be a challenge to eliminate these from your diet in order to lose weight. Ideal Chips are a great alternative to not feel like you’re missing out on your favorite snack without experiencing any weight gain. How? Each bag of chips contains 10 grams of protein so you’ll feel fuller for longer. Each chip is baked and not fried, so you are left with a delicious crunch without the additional fat and grease. With only 120 calories per bag, they’re a great addition to your weight-loss plan. 

What Are The Ideal Shape Packages You Can Buy?

There are several options for buying Ideal Shape Shakes. These options range from $49 to $159. So there is a good price option for everyone. The bigger package you get, you get better value for money. When I order, I usually get option 3 or 4 below as it is the best value per shake.

 Now on to where to buy Ideal Shape Shakes…

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Where to buy Ideal Shape shakes

So Where To Buy Ideal Shape Shakes?

So you may be asking yourself, where to buy Ideal Shape Shakes? Unfortunately, they cannot be bought in stores. This means that you will have to buy them online. So when I first decided to buy them, I did what I usually do – check However, I was really surprised to find that Amazon actually charged about $20 more than buying directly off the Ideal Shape website! This took me by surprise as Amazon usually has really good prices. Also, if you don't buy from the Ideal Shape website, you won't be eligible for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Another huge motivating factor for me when I eventually decided where to buy Ideal Shape Shakes. Here is a link to the Ideal Shape website.

What’s even better, right now, Ideal Shape is offering an extra $5 Off when you spend $29.99 or more. There has never been a better time to buy Ideal Shape shakes. So to answer the question Where to buy Ideal Shape shakes, the best place is the Ideal Shape website. Simply click here.

Would You Give These Shakes a Try?

We hope you enjoyed reading about Ideal Shape shakes and their additional products. We understand that losing weight isn’t an easy task, but it shouldn’t completely disrupt your life. Meal replacement shakes are a great way to boost your metabolism and get you on track toward a healthy lifestyle.

After reading about Ideal Shape, would you give these shakes a try? Or perhaps you have some other recommendations you’d like to say? Either way, leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments to keep this conversation going.