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3 week weight loss meal planFor anyone wondering about the 3 week diet plan by Brian Flatt, they may have a lot of questions regarding what you get on the inside of the PDF exercise program. What exactly is it that makes the popular weight loss system work so well? Plus, why do some people experience better results than others?

While we cannot divulge all of the secrets and information found on the actual lose weight in 3 weeks plan, we can offer some insights. The program to lose weight in 20 days comes in PDF form and the book is broken down in 3 phases. Each phase is one week long which explains the length of the program.

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The book uses a combination of proven methods from other diet plans. However, it is the strategy behind the phases which deliver such amazing results for those on the program. Part of that strategic approach involves the cleansing or ‘detox phase’ of the plan. During that particular phase, your body will go through sugar and junk food detox.


Is Losing 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks Possible?

The three week weight loss system uses several different components to make the plan more successful and easier to follow. The first part of the plan deals with the diet. The second, focuses on the exercise and workouts. Those parts are then followed by the supplements section. Finally, the last part centers on mindset, motivation and willpower.

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There are few things that make the quickest way to lose weight in 3 weeks program different. For one, unlike other dieting schemes that limit what you can eat, there are countless of items on the menu that you can eat from. In addition, how much weight you actually lose largely depends on how much you are willing to commit to the program. And most importantly, this diet plan does require some work on your part since it is not just dieting.

The 3 week diet Brian Flatt PDF book is explained in detail below week by week and phase by phase to help you get a better understanding of what you get and expect. Please keep in mind that as with any workout or exercise program you begin, you should consult your doctor first. This is especially important if you are taking medication or have any kind of medical condition.


The Week 1 – Phase 2

One of the very first things you will need to do in the first week of the program is to detox your body. This entails detoxing your liver and cleansing your entire body of all the toxins it has accumulated through the years. Using his many years of research, scientific studies and results, author Brian Flatt mentions several key factors. To maximize your results, he recommends taking supplements such as Vitamin A, C and D. Taking these steps actually results in your body becoming a fast fat burning machine. The vitamins work very well since they increase adrenal function and insulin sensitivity.

During the first week, you will need to eat lots of low carb foods. You will also be drinking a substantial amount of water as well. The foods you eat during the low carb phase will primarily be proteins and vegetables. Although you will eat nothing but vegetables, you can consume as many of them as you like. Within those seven days, if you follow the program, you can end up losing up to 10 pounds!

One of the reasons behind this accelerated weight loss is the fact that your body will be restricted from carb intake. This, in turn, will end up causing your body to burn up all of the fat which it has in store. In addition, the combination of eating low carbs and drinking water will help to detox and cleanse your liver as well.


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The Week 2 – Phase 2

The week 2 or phase 2 in the 3 week diet plan may be hardest to complete for some. That is because during this phase you will be required to ‘fast’ for an entire day. During this ‘intermittent fast,’ you will only be allowed to drink water. While this may sound a bit difficult, Brian Flatt has a reason and purpose for it. This approach is part of his strategy to help you burn more fat quicker. Since you are not eating anything, your body will automatically start to create the energy it needs from fat deposits.

The three week diet and exercise plan

To better help you with the 1 day fast, Brian suggest that you time it correctly. Choose to start at a time where you will spend most of the ‘fast’ sleeping. The purpose of this part of the phase is to help your body detox and cleanse more thoroughly. The fasting will result in giving your digestive system a rest. Secondly, it will also help with the cleansing of any toxins left over from the week 1 or first phase of the dieting program.


Week 3 Phase

The final week or third phase of the 3 week extreme weight loss plan program is considered the most controversial. That’s in part because this phase will be a high fat diet which lasts for 3 days. The total calorie intake for men and women varies during this week. For women, they need to eat a total of under 1,200 calories a day. For men, the number is slightly a bit higher at 1,500 total calories a day. Remember that a total of 80% of the food you ingest needs to derive from fat. During this phase you can drink coffee and water.

While many consider this phase to be a bit polemical, it actually works very well. This is the one case where the fat is ultimately good for you. All that time you have spent cleansing your body will come into play during this stage. Your liver will know that the fat it is receiving needs to be burned for fuel. The end result is losing more weight as your body burns more body fat.

To prove his point, the 3 week diet author points to several pieces of evidence. On of those points comes from what is now known as the Gaston and Kelwick study dealing with calories and high fat intake. The second piece of evidence can be found on page 82 of the PDF book. In that page, the author refers to a man who ran a high fat eating experiment for 21 days. The positive results achieved by the man were a portion of what led to Brian selecting the high fat intake as part of the 3rd phase.


The Final Phase

Once you have reached the final phase, you can now eat anything you desire. The only thing you need to do is determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to help you keep the weight off. This measures your total caloric intake that your body needs daily. In the 3 week diet solution, Brian provides a proven formula. There is one for men and another formula for women.

The three week workout plan to lose weight

The final phase has a personal BMR calculator that lets you know exactly how many calories you should intake in order to reach your goals. Luckily, Mr. Flatt teaches you how to do the calculations on your own according to your individual BMR. This way, you can end up accomplishing the results you desire.


Does It Really Work?

Any program based on weight loss is only as good as the results it delivers the participants. In this case, the 3 week diet plan by Brian Flatt really does work. Based on testimonials, individual results and countless of positive reviews, the verdict is clear. The three week dieting program delivers amazing achievements.

We found hundreds of videos and many 3 week diet before and after photos to prove it. You can see most of them yourself by visiting You can also find over 500 personal positive reviews about the weight loss system on with complete details. Lastly, there is the 100% money back guarantee from Brian. No dieting program will give you that option unless they knew it would deliver on what it promises.


Should You Try It?

If you want to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks then the only question left on your mind is if you should try it. The answer is yes and the reasons are quite simple. If you really want to lose weight faster than with any other program or diets, then this is the one plan that actually delivers. You also have a no-risk, money back The 3 week diet system how to lose weight fastguarantee from 3 week diet. However, you need to keep in mind that this program will only work if you apply yourself. It is not a magical – get slimmed down fast plan – without any effort on your part. It is also not a diet alone plan.


The 3 week workout and diet plan is just that; a diet plan that requires some workout or commitment during a three week period. If you are willing to take the time to do what Brian suggest, then you will be 20 pounds lighter in just 20 days!