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Are you new to the nutrition shake universe? Let’s be real, there are so many options available that it can be difficult to sort through the different brands. One of the reasons Shakeology is so popular is because of how many different forms of vitamins and minerals are included. All of these ingredients work together to form a power house of nutrition to fuel your body throughout the day. People who love eating healthy also love to talk about it! We all want to eat healthy and be as physically fit as possible. So where to start? Reading Shakeology reviews can be very helpful when trying to get specific questions answered, or just learn how the shakes affect people in different ways. 

Niki F from Cleveland, OH:

“I was very skeptical when starting this program and did it knowing I’d probably only buy one bag and then stop. I am now on my third bag and I love adding it into my daily routine. We’ve found the chocolate to be the best flavor. […] My favorite way to make it is almond milk, a banana, the chocolate powder, some PB2 and ice. Tastes almost like a recees cup in a shake. My husband and I have continued to lose weight using this, in addition to routine exercise and a change in our diet. It has helped my digestive issues disappear and I feel great when using it.”

Shakeology Reviews

Gettin’Fit from Crestview, FL:

“First of all, Chocolate Shakeology is… AMAZING! I find myself craving it all day long. […] Today is day 3 using Shakeology and I hope this review isn’t premature but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it so far. Besides the incredible taste of both chocolate and greenberry, my energy level, on a scale of 1 to Tony Horton, is probably almost to Tony. That definitely came in handy today because my workday has been ridiculously crazy AND I forgot my lunch.

For the past couple of days I haven’t had to eat my morning snack and today with no lunch, I think I’ll be able to make it until after work whereas before, I would have killed over from hunger, and this is only day 3! I cannot WAIT until breakfast tomorrow morning! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Shakeology!”

Bob from St. Louis, MO:

“This product is fantastic! For years, I’ve choked down protein shakes, trying various ways to make them palatable. I was skeptical that Shakeology would taste any better. Wrong! I ordered the chocolate Shakeology and was blown away. Just using water and a little milk, it tastes like I’m drinking chocolate cake batter. For variations on the base chocolate formula, the product comes with a one-month calendar showing a different recipe you can make each day. […] I’m using this as a supplement rather than a meal replacement. I can see how this might be a meal replacement for some people, but if you’re doing one of Beachbody’s more intense workout programs and you’re at the point where your body needs more calories, then this seems insufficient to replace an entire meal — much better used as a snack between meals.”

Drew from Wyoming:

“Whenever you eat a healthy product you shouldn’t expect it to taste like food that isn’t healthy, and that is why I love Shakeology. You can tell even from the excellent flavor that this product is healthy for you because as soon as your done drinking it, you feel amazing.

I am all about eating fruit, vegetables, and living a healthy life, and the great thing about this product is I don’t have to worry about getting iron, magnesium, or other vitamins because they are ALL included. […] If you’re looking to live a healthier life but aren’t willing to include fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices than shakeology would be perfect for you as well.”

This is just a sampling of the thousands of positive Shakeology reviews available for you to read!

Taking control of your nutrition and overall health is not always easy, but Shakeology makes that process much simpler!

I hope these reviews were helpful for you to see how these shakes have positively impacted so many customers’ lives!

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