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Avocado Smoothie may be the brunt of many jokes about millennials, but they are a superfood all people should have in their kitchen. They're either loved or hated; there's no in between. The most talented shoppers will be able to find deals on avocados, which have a reputation for being expensive.

Health Benefits Of Avocados

Avocados fall into superfood status because of all of the great vitamins and nutrients they are harboring within. Avocados are really worth every penny you pay for them when you compare that price to what's inside.

One serving of avocado equals about one-third of it. In that serving, there are many vitamins and minerals. They include fiber, potassium, lutein, vitamins C and E, folate, and more. They're also rich in healthy fats.

Avocados are good for your heart, your eyes, they boost the immune system, and they help fight cancer.  On top of all of the health benefits, avocados help you feel fuller longer because of their fiber content.

They are a low sugar ingredient that goes well in more than just guacamole. You can toss them in your salad, have them with breakfast, use them in baking, make pudding with them, and add them to your smoothies.

Many people use avocados as cheese and mayonnaise replacements. They're very versatile. Moreover, these recipes can be part of your meal replacement smoothie shakes.

Avocado Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Avocados may not sound like a typical smoothie ingredient, but they add a lot to anything you use them in. Since these fruits don't have a strong flavor, they don't ruin the taste of anything you add them into. As part of the easy to find healthy snacks, they do add a creamier texture though.

1. Banana Blueberry And Avocado Smoothie

Banana Blueberry And Avocado Smoothie

If you want a smoothie that's as good for your outsides as it is for your insides, this is one you should try. Full of antioxidants that kill free radicals and healthy fats that leaves your skin all aglow, this smoothie tastes great while doing great things.

For this recipe, you'll blend two cups of blueberries, one banana, half of a ripe avocado, one tablespoon of almond butter (or any other nut butter - including sunflower butter), and a half cup of almond milk. When picking your ingredients, you have some options. You can substitute almond milk with dairy, rice milk, or even soy milk. You can use frozen or fresh blueberries and bananas.

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2. Straight-Up Avocado Smoothie

If you love avocados and you're the type of person that eats them on their own, you'll enjoy this smoothie that has no other fruits or vegetables added.

You need one ripe avocado, a half cup of yogurt (vanilla is the preferred option, it's up to you if you want dairy, soy, almond, or coconut-based yogurt), one cup milk alternative, and three tablespoons of honey for sweetening.

Blend the ingredients together and enjoy a truly delicious and unique smoothie.

3. Banana And Avocado Green Smoothie

Banana And Avocado Green Smoothie

If you like green smoothies, that are green because of greens and not the avocado, this is a recipe for you. Green smoothies add more nutrients to the mix, including things like iron.

This deliciously green recipe calls for one banana, half a ripe avocado, a handful of greens, and a cup of the milk alternative of your choice. Pick the greens you prefer – whether you want kale, chard, spinach, or something else.

Blend well. You'll want to make sure you're using a powerful blender that turns this into a smooth mix. Also, this helps a lot for your goals for weight loss.

4. Strawberry And Avocado Smoothie

 Strawberry And Avocado Smoothie

If you want something fruity, but you still want the health benefits of avocados, this smoothie has it. It's a fruity mix that allows you some option. You can swap out the strawberries for any berries you want, including a combination of them.

Blend an avocado half with a cup of strawberries, four tablespoons of your choice of yogurt alternatives, and one cup of the milk alternative of your choice. Add in a tablespoon of honey for sweetening (helpful when working with fresh berries).

5. Better Breakfast Avocado Smoothie

Avocado smoothie recipe

Orange juice is a breakfast staple in many households. You can make a delicious avocado smoothie with orange juice that will change the way you look at breakfast.

For this smoothie, you need to blend half an avocado with one whole orange, peeled and separated (removing seeds). Toss in a cup of yogurt and enough milk alternative to make it, so it's not too thick. You can use vanilla flavored yogurt for a little bit of an extra creamy flavor.

Add More Avocados To Your Day

If you can find the good deals on avocados, take them. Use avocados with every meal, and don't forget to make some avocado smoothies. Getting to know various Vegetable Smoothie Recipes can help you crush your daily vegetable intake goal. Your daily fruit and vegetable intake aid a lot as part of your protein meal plan.