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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Protein Shakes - Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes

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Cut Down Your Waist With Easy To Make Protein Shakes



Why Protein Shakes For Weight Loss?

Protein is the one of the most important things to have a sufficient amount of in your body. Proteins are used for several important processes, creating energy for daily living. Our bodies carry out processes that need enzymes, and hormones made from the proteins. Many important components of the immune system are carried out with these proteins and staying healthy is key in the process of losing weight. Without protein, there cannot be growth or healing. Healing is another key feature of the weight loss process. Growth needs to occur to build the muscle that is being worked on. Protein shakes will assure quality muscle building. Restoring muscles after a workout and taking care of how they respond to the exercise is very important.

You know how you feel sore after a workout? Those little pains are micro tears in your muscles. Not taking care of them can lead to bigger and worse things like a larger tear or a Losing fat is easy if you do it the right way. Find out more ways to lose fat in order to build that muscle here. When to take protein shakes? It is best to make and drink a protein shake directly after a workout because food takes longer to digest and extract from than liquid. The shake will take about 30 minutes to rise into action where food takes much longer. You asked why protein shakes? There is a valid reason why. The shake itself will not make you lose a substantial amount of weight. Instead, it will make you much healthier and create a body that will be able to lose weight much faster and easier than before.

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How Much Protein is Healthy?

It is suggested that for every pound of body mass you should take in 1 gram of protein. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, the minimum amount of of protein you should intake is 150 grams. The additional amount of protein speeds up the healing process. If you take an excessive amount of protein in each day, it is strongly suggested to heighten your intake of calcium and magnesium. Too much protein can cancel out the other nutrients in your body, so it is suggested to stay within your zone so you don’t have to work with all the other nutrients entering your body. With well over half of the body being made of proteins it is important that the intake always be proficient enough each and every day.

How Many Protein Shakes A Day?

There is not a set amount of shakes that is healthy. You have to do the math and calculate how much protein you need in order to determine the amount of shakes you need. Using the protein powder, you control how much you put in to every drink.

  1. Take your body weight and figure out how much body fat you have. Earlier in the article, it was explained that for every 1 pound you weigh, you should be able to consume 1-1.5 grams of protein. Figure out how many grams you need per day.
  2. Make sure you do not rely solely on protein from the drinks but also gather it from meat like chicken and fish. Get as much as you can from real foods.
  3. Fill in whatever you do not consume in meat, with the shakes. You may take additional protein shakes as desired as well. If it works better for you to have a set number each day, then go for it!
  4. Use the protein powders to make the shakes from the remaining count left. If you add a certain amount of grams to each drink like 50g to each, then you will need 3 shakes a day if you are 150 pounds. Most likely, you will receive some protein from various other foods throughout the day, so count accordingly to your diet.
  5. Take into consideration your workout plan and how much time you are active. You use those proteins during your physical activity and need to restore them.
  6. You should only need about two a day if you are eating the right kinds of foods. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, than 3 or 4 shakes is absolutely essential.



Protein Shake For Breakfast TO LOSE WEIGHT!

You may not believe this, but replacing your breakfast with a protein shake will increase your likelihood of losing more weight. The health benefits of having a healthy breakfast instead of a piece of pie or some sugary cereal is astounding.

You aren’t going to see a difference right away. This is a gradual kind of benefit, only if you continue to work out as well. It’s also very important to make sure the shake provides you with fulfillment of nutrients, so you do not go hungry after drinking the breakfast.

You will lose weight if you keep your calorie count lower than you’ve been eating before. If you continue to eat unhealthy like normal, then the results will not be as pleased.

If you already eat a nutritious breakfast, there is no reason for switching over to the meal replacement. You may actually be consuming more sugar in the protein shake than your normal breakfast. If you eat things like bacon and chocolate cake every morning, then the meal replacement for breakfast would be an essential change.


The results will put an unforgettable smile on your face. Don’t pass up an opportunity to feel great about yourself.

Meals and foods that are high in protein make you less hungry throughout the day. They are more fulfilling and will contribute greatly to your health and weight loss process.

Homemade Protein Shakes Without Protein Powder

If you love making your own recipes and home remedies, this is the perfect alternative. Instead of spending all the money on protein powder, here’s some simple ways to get the same amount of protein with things you already have! This is a great way to fill up on a great tasting drink any time of the day.

There are many foods that are very high and nutritious in protein, and these foods when blended together can create a wonderful meal.

Green Protein Shake

  • 1/3 Cup grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 C Kale
  • 1 Apple
  • 1/2 C Cucumber
  • 4 Ice Cubes
  • 1/4 C Mango
  • 1 Stalk Celery
  • 1/2 tbs coconut oils

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Bean Protein Shakes



  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Black Beans
  • 2 Tbs Cocoa Butter/powder
  • 1 or 2 Bananas
  • Hemp Seeds

Nut Protein Shake



  • 1.5 Cup Soymilk
  • 3 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • 2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds


For a step by step process of making a protein shake, click here.

How to Make A Protein Shake

Making a protein shake is very easy, fast, and simple. The amount of powder you place in the blender is up to the brand or the amount of protein that you personally need. Place the set amount of protein powder in the blender and add ice. (a handful). You may add any fruits and vegetables that you desire. When you use frozen vegetables, there is less of a need for ice. The ice in the frozen goods covers some of the amount of ice needed in the recipe.


For additional taste, an alternative to using extra fruits, is to use sugar free ice-cream or half ice cream and half milk. The amount of additional sugar you add is dependent on personal desire. If you are trying to slim down, then add only a little bit of sugar instead of many additional ingredients.

You must have a liquid base, powder, and any other ingredients in order for the blender to preform properly.



When blending, gradually increase the speed as time goes on.

For the best results, only blend for about a minute so the drink does not become too liquidly.

Finally, make sure you stop the blender before opening the top.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, ENJOY while enhancing your health and getting the proper nutrients!


When making the weight loss protein shakes without a blender, just mix the ingredients in a large bowl until ready to drink comfortably. Just add little by little to make the mixing much easier for your arms.

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Whey Protein Shakes – Why Whey?



Whey protein powder is one of the most trusted brands on the market. When people ask around for opinions and suggestions, people usually direct them to whey due to their success and great results. Whey protein can be used for weight loss and a guide on how to make the protein shake will be included below. Whey increases strength and can be used to build muscle much faster than normal. There was a study done at a University in Waco, including about 20 men who used protein shakes with their workouts, and the results showed that the ones who used Whey had a much better end result and improvement than the other protein users. Weight loss protein shakes can be used for the perfect combination of losing fat and gaining muscle. If you are gaining more muscle, the fat will shave off eventually.



Whey protein also decreases hunger. Another study was done with men drinking these shakes. Instead, these men were rather large and obese. These 28 men were studied as they drank the drinks. The men who took Whey protein were less hungry hours after their intake.


Whey is a reliable start if you want easy and fast results with exercise. For body building products and Whey enhancers, visit

Peanut Butter Protein Spread



The peanut butter protein powder is easy to access and great tasting. Unlike many protein shakes, this one is very enjoyable and hard to put down because it can be made into a spread or a dip. The peanuts in this powder are gently roasted and have very low fat. The oil is extracted from the peanuts and grinded into a powder, adding a scoop of cocoa. Salt and sugar can be added according to taste.

Making it into a dip isn’t the only option though. You can add scoops into your yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, and anything you can think of. You can also replace some of the flour in baked goods such as cake, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies with the peanut butter protein powder. 2 TBS equals about 50 healthy calories.

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Special K Protein Shake



Special K protein shakes come pre made for easy access and a fast drink. The incredible results have made it to the TV, magazines, newspaper, and cereal boxes. Special K has many programs and meal plans that are designed to lose weight and gain strength. Each bottle is 10 fluid ounces and the amount of intake depends on your personal protein necessity.

Visit to see the variety of flavors and choices to pick from. There are many different amazing choices including strawberry banana, chocolate, raspberry cheesecake, french vanilla and much more.

Protein Shakes For Kids


Often times, kids lack the proper nutrients and vitamins they need to grow due to a poor diet. Kids can be picky, and these shakes can be key to their muscle and bone growth as they grow up. The great tasting shakes can be made in milkshakes, smoothies, pre made drinks, and many more appealing ways. There are hundreds of options to pick from to feed your child, and there is a drink for everyone! The veggie lovers, the fruit lovers, the “only banana” lover, and much more.

You cannot feed your child more protein than they need. It will either turn into fat, or hurt their kidney. The proper amount is strongly suggested for fragile children.

Any plant based or gluten free shake is perfect for a kid to intake and there are many dairy free options when it comes to choices. Making sure your kid has the proper vitamins and protein is essential to their childhood and important to their growth.


PediaSure is a doctor and professional recommended brand of shakes and drinks for the kids. It has been proven to help children and minors grow healthy and happy. Children who were at risk for malnutrition were studied and given this cure, and it was proven to improve their health effectively.

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Protein is essential and everyone needs to make sure they have the proper amount in their body to function. Shakes are a great way to get any protein that your diet does not include, and a great way to make sure your getting the correct amount each day according to your personal body mass and activity. Protein shakes can be an assistant for weight loss and create incredible results with hard work and dedication.