Current Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes for May 2019:

1) IdealShape

2) SlimFast

3) RightSize​

Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes - Shakes For Women

The number of people concerned about their eating habits, weight and total health has increased dramatically the past decade. There are now more men and women trying to watch their weight and stay as healthy as possible than ever before. However, the challenges for women when it comes to weight loss are much greater than their male counterparts due to several factors. Biologically, women tend to have more body fat than men. An average size male has about 15% body fat content compared to 25% for a woman. Women also have to deal with childbirth and the after effects it can have on their bodies. There are also a few other factors to take into consideration as well. Fortunately, meal replacement shakes are now available to help females have greater control of their weight and health.

One of the best ways for women to lose weight is by doing a combination of exercise, healthy eating and using meal replacement shakes. But with so many different types of shakes being sold these days, how can you know which are the best meal replacement shakes for women? Also, which shakes are the safest and healthiest to drink? This is extremely important since there are numerous kinds protein, weight loss, homemade, organic and other types of shakes available.

In addition to these issues, there is also the factor as to why you may want to start drinking power drinks in the first place. What if you are not trying to lose weight, but simply want to gain more muscle? What are the differences between protein shakes and the others? The truth is that there are countless of questions that go into deciding on the right kind shake diets for women. This guide delves into these important issues to help you make a more educated and accurate decision.

Men And Women Are Different

Do women and men lose weight differently?

Most of us have heard that ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. The reason behind that book is to highlight the stark differences between the two sexes. The reality is that men and women are quite different in many ways. Even when it comes to dieting and exercising, weight loss and nutrition, the distinctions between the sexes must be taken into consideration.

 Women do have meal and nutrition requirements which differ from men, and vice versa. In fact, men actually have an advantage over women when it comes to losing weight. One rumor that is out there is that men lose weight faster than women. But is this just a rumor or is it actually true?

Based on some research and studies, men do lose weight at a faster pace than women do. This tends to happen mostly at the beginning though or in the early stages of life. The reason behind this is because men are more inclined to have a higher amount of lean muscle tissue than women do. In turn, these muscle tissues burn more body fat than calories. That benefit happens for men even while they are resting or sleeping. On the other hand, women do have other issues to deal with when it comes to weight gain and loss such as the pregnancy factor. In most cases, women end up gaining more weight after a pregnancy and giving child birth. Still, over the long term, the weight loss numbers tend to balance out and become more equal. Nonetheless, women tend to benefit more from protein shakes or powder than men do so that equation is in their favor.

Other Differences To Consider

Another factor to take into consideration for men and women is the recommended calorie intake for each one. For men, their daily calorie intake should be about 2,500Kcal to help them maintain their weight. For women, the number is 2,000Kcal a day. No matter what sex you are though, the fact remains that you have to burn more calories each day than what you take in. If not, any excess calories will turn into fat or cause you to gain weight. Women also need more iron than men do because of their menstrual period. Most women lose about 1mg of iron a day during days of bleeding. 

This may explain why iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient problems for females. Luckily, most good meal replacement shakes for women contain enough iron – and other nutrients – to help them with those issues.

Meal Replacement Shakes Uses and Purpose

Meal Replacement Shakes Uses and Purpose

There are countless of views and sides when it comes to meal replacement shakes. That’s because for everything in life, there are pros and cons when it comes to their use. Some question their purpose and uses and warn about the long term effects they may have. On the other hand, the pros of weight loss shakes and overall consensus on using them, are overwhelmingly positive. According to research, reviews and studies, when used correctly, meal replacement shakes can and do work very well.

For the most part, the entire purpose of a shake is to replace a meal you may normally ingest. That means that instead of you eating 3 meals a day, you can end up drinking a meal replacement shake as an alternative. So you can eat 2 full meals and one – or two – power drinks per day. Some people looking to lose weight faster end up drinking more than one shake a day. The end result is substituting more meals with the drinks. Since healthy diet shakes contain a substantial amount of less calories than a normal meal, the culmination is less calorie intake each day. Once that happens, you end up losing weight more quickly. For even better and faster results, drinking protein shakes, eating healthy and exercising is the ultimate combination.

There are others who use good protein meal replacement shakes or protein powder as a meal replacement in order to gain weight or muscles. Some also use them as a post-workout booster. This doesn’t mean that all protein drinks are only for gaining weight though. In fact, we have included some of the best protein meal replacement shakes for weight loss in our review  guide below.

Overall, using a meal replacement shake has many advantages such as convenience and effectiveness. They are also more nutritious and healthier than regular meals. Drinking power smoothies can also help you with binge eating and stress. Finally, most of the highest rated meal replacement shakes pack essential fibers, protein, vitamins and many other indispensable supplements.

What Women Should Look For In A Shake

When it comes to deciding on which of the top meal replacement drinks available to choose from, there are a few factors to consider. First, you need to ponder on what the purpose of the healthy meal replacement smoothies will be for. Is it for weight gain or loss? Do you want good protein meal replacement shakes as a way to enhance and boost your workout or exercise regimen?

Help in deciding on the right meal replacement shake

You also need to consider what kind of protein you need or want the most from a power shake. Once all of that has been decided, your next step is knowing what you should look for in a shake. Below, are a list of requirements or basic prerequisites most top rated meal replacement shakes for weight loss should deliver.

One of the first things to look for in any good weight loss meal replacement smoothies is protein. Remember that there are nine essential amino acids – in the total of the 20 – that make up protein. These necessary amino acids are of such importance because your body cannot manufacture them on its own. Most top meal replacement shakes contain these essential protein and nutrients so they end up adding them to your body for you.

Crucial Factors For A Great Shake

What can protein or power shakes do for you?

Drinks that have a good amount of protein or hunger blocking ingredients are also a vital necessity. That’s because they will keep you fuller for longer periods of time. In turn, your desire to eat more will be diminished and you can end up losing weight a lot faster.

Another crucial factor to think about when selecting healthy meal replacement shakes, is how they taste. This is because you will be consuming these drinks a few times a week. The better they taste, the more likely you are to continue to use them – and enjoy drinking them – as well. Other issues are the amount of calories each drink will have or how much more those calories will increase if you add your own separate ingredients.

Just remember that replacing meals with protein shakes to lose weight is a great idea as long as you have a goal and purpose. Nevertheless, losing weight and staying fit is not only about physical appearance. For people who are obese or overweight, health is – and should be – the number one priority. That’s because for every 10 pounds a person loses, it ends up causing them to be a year younger. The end results is like getting an extension of a year on life for every 10 pounds you lose.

Another issue of importance and which requires attention is making sure that the shake you choose does not interfere or cause any complications for you. This is especially important for men and women who are taking medication or suffer from allergies. The same goes for any woman who is pregnant or nursing a baby. As always, you should consult with your doctor whenever you are on medication, allergic to certain ingredients, pregnant or nursing.

Meal Replacement Shakes Are Not Magical

A mistake most people make when using meal replacement drinks is thinking that they are a magical solution to weight problems on their own. However, no power drink will work without some form of commitment and dedication on your part. In fact, those that experience extraordinary results tend to be the ones who have an additional regimen or goal. Power shakes alone are not a mystical or miraculous cure for weight loss. At the same time, when and if used correctly, they do work and deliver great results. Meal replacement shakes for weight loss are an awesome tool available for the women of today. Pick and find the right one for you and start living, looking and feeling healthier right away.

Below, we have put together a guide of the top meal replacement shakes for women available today. Each received a total score based on price, reviews, testimonials, customer satisfaction and results. A score of 5 is the highest.

Best Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes For Women


One of the most popular and best diet shakes to lose weight presently on the market today is IdealShake. They average about 120 calories each and deliver a high amount of protein, dietary fiber, total carbohydrates and other important nutrients. IdealShake contains no trans fat and are packed with vitamins A and D. There are also some which are made with hunger blocker ingredients. 

Idealshape Reviews - All about Ideal Shake

These are great since they can keep you feeling full for over 3 hours or more. And because they have so many different flavors to choose from, finding one for your particular taste should not be a problem.

One concern some users had was whether or not IdealShakes were healthy or safe for them. Some even asked “Does IdealShape contain lead?.” The health concerns are very common since some people take medication or are allergic to certain ingredients. However, based on research, customer reviews and overall consensus, IdealShakes are very safe to drink and do not contain any lead. Just keep in mind that you should be aware of the ingredients on any product you take if you are on medication or allergic to anything. Nonetheless, IdealShape’s results have helped to make it one of the top women’s meal replacement shakes available.

Taste – The taste of each shake can vary depending on the flavor you choose. While some found some flavors too sweet, others did not. But since taste is very subjective, you can add fruits or other ingredients to whichever flavor you choose.

Texture – Some flavors tend to be a bit coarse or gritty. Yet adding water, ice or fruits can make it more creamy or smoother. This all depends on your preference.

Price – With about 30 servings per container, you can end up paying around $1.50 or so per each shake. Although it may be a bit higher than other power drinks, that is about the average price for any good meal replacement shakes.

Overall – Based on customer satisfaction, results and reviews, IdealShape garnishes a 4.7 out of 5 possible total score.

Slim Fast – Meal Replacement Shakes

Detailed Slim Fast Shakes Review

With one of the better known names on the market, Slim Fast meal replacement shakes are very popular. The Slim Fast drinks pack about 20 grams of protein, around 24 vitamins and minerals and five grams of fiber. They also contain about 1 gram of sugar, antioxidants and 200 calories per 8 ounce servings.

The Slim Fast meal supplement shakes for weight loss can deliver up to 4 hours of hunger control. That’s largely due to their high amount of protein – around 10 grams – and fiber.

For some, concerns about the taste was a major issue. A few felt that some flavors were too sweet for a power drink you have to ingest so often. Other clients complained about possible side effects such as diarrhea or gas. This may be due to some of them containing soy. At the same time, many who drink Slim Fast regularly experience no side effects at all. Like all drinks, this all depends on the individual and contents they ingest. You may have to try a few flavors before you find the right one that works for you.

Taste – Some felt that it was too sweet – particularly the chocolate flavor. Others had no problem adding something to the drink to make it more to their liking. Still, most seem to enjoy the taste from Slim Fast shakes.

Texture – Slim Fast shakes are not at all grainy and look like a normal, creamy milkshake does.

Price – With an average of 34 servings per can, the price per shake is around $.0.44. Of course this all depends on the flavor and package you choose.

Overall – Slim Fast shakes have been around for a long time and are very well recognized. If combined with a workout or some other form of activity, they can work. But some users have issues with their ingredients such as soy. The one good thing about Slim Fast beverages was the price per shake. Nonetheless, based on reviews, testimonials and results, Slim Fast garnishes 4.0 stars.

Garden of Life – RAW Organic Meal Shake & Meal Replacement

For those looking for a shake that is natural and organic then the Garden of Life Raw Organic meal replacement drinks are worth considering. The delicious meal-on-the-go deliver around 20 grams of plant protein, vitamins and other minerals.

Since they boost energy and help build muscle, you can use them as a post workout recovery beverage as well. The Garden of Life shakes are vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free and only pack about 115 calories per shake.

Garden of Life - RAW Organic Meal Shake Review

Taste – Perhaps because it is made out of raw ingredients, many found the taste to be a bit bland. Yet this is what is expected from a powdered nutrient raw meal.

Get Started With Green Thickies Shakes

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Texture – Some found the texture on the Garden of Life to be a bit gooey. There is also a grainy texture to the smoothies as well.

Price – Due to being organic, the Garden of Life meal replacement shake cost a bit more than others. Based on the servings per container it is about $2.50 to $3.00 a shake.

Overall – If you don’t mind the organic taste and higher cost, then the Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal shake & meal replacement is a great choice. Their delivery of essential supplements, also make them a good choice to consider. Based on our research, the Garden of Life receives a 4.7 score.

Get Started With Green Thickies Shakes

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All About Shakeology - Reviews & Info

Directly from, the Shakeology meal replacement shakes offer people a way to lose weight faster. The power drinks are loaded with whey and pea protein, as well as superfruit/antioxidant blend. They only have about 160 calories and have 17 grams of total carbohydrates. The beverages come in 5 different flavors which are chocolate, vegan chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and greenberry.

Created by BeachBody, the Shakeology brand has been around since 2011. Some customers found that the price was way too much since it is about one of the most expensive meal replacement shakes around. Still, Shakeology receives many positive reviews from a lot of those that try it and use it.

Taste – A few users compared the taste of a Shakeology shake to that of a diet soda. Others were less enthused about the chocolate and strawberry flavors. On the other hand, the vast majority found the taste of the shakes to be on par with similar products.

Texture – Much like a frozen shake, the texture on the Shakeology is very thick and creamy.

Price – At around $130 to $155 per 30 day supply, Shakeology is among the most expensive shakes around. Be prepared to pay about $4.80 per shake.

Overall – Most people had issues with the price of Shakeology which is one of the things that brought their score down. Still, when used correctly, it can deliver the results to those who use it. For an item that has been around since 2011, they have a very high BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. In total, the Shakeology low calorie meal replacement drinks garnish a 3.9 score.


The Advocare meal shakes for weight loss are better known for their 24-day challenge. The program is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition system put in place to help people reach their weight loss goals. There are a total of 6 different daily guides and elements to the program. They are meal replacement drinks and MNS 3, C or E, Herbal Cleanse, OmegaPlex, Advocare Spark and Advocare Cleanse.

Advocare Review - Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes

Much like Shakeology, these weight loss replacement shakes are very expensive. In fact, they are the most costliest out of all our top rated meal replacement shakes on this list.

Taste – For the most part, the vast majority of people found the taste to be good, if not satisfactory.

Texture – Like most shakes, the texture from Advocare drinks are grainy, yet smooth.

Price – The Advocare shakes are the most expensive since they average about $7.22 per shake. That comes out to about $200 per month.

Overall – If you don’t mind spending the price for each shake on your body, then the Advocare meal replacement shakes are a good choice. The steep price tends to lead people into expecting miracles or dramatic results. That may account for some of the negative reviews we found about Advocare smoothies not being worth the money. Their total score is 3.8.

Vega One – All in One Nutritional Shake

Vega One Shake Review & Info

For people searching for a power shake packed with protein, minerals and other healthy ingredients, the Vega One – All-In-One Nutritional Shake is a great selection. The Vega one nutrition shakes to lose weight are made from whole food ingredients. Each serving only has 160 calories, 10 grams of total carbohydrates and 25% grams of dietary fiber.

Compared to other similar shakes, the Vega One has a greater amount of Vitamins. In fact, it has 90% of the daily value of vitamin A, 80% of C and 20 grams of protein. They are also gluten, GMOs, dairy and soy free. Many of those who reviewed this product boasted about the amount of energy they gained after drinking the shakes.

Taste – Like most natural or organic shakes, you may find the taste a bit harder to swallow. Still, if you mix it with other ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, you can change it to your preference.

Texture – Some found this smoothies to be a bit chalky or grainy.

Price – Per servings, the price on the Vega One averages around $2.00 or so a shake.

Overall – For anyone who wants a well rounded protein powder, the Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake is worth considering. The taste may be a bit hard to get used to at first, but this is expected from most shakes which are natural and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. The Vega One receives a total 4.3 score.

Women’s Best – Slim Body Shake

The Women’s Best Slim Body Shakes are a replacement shakes for weight loss designed for women in mind. They have 3 different supplement bundles to help today’s woman get the best results in dieting. These include an appetite suppressant, a protein shake and a metabolism booster.

Each shake only contains 200 calories and they include natural and plant based protein. The lose weight protein shakes come in 3 distinct flavors – vanilla, chocolate and cookies ‘N cream.

Women’s Best Protein Shake Review

Although they are GMO and gluten free, some women had problems with the Women’s Best beverages because they are soy-based. In addition, they also contain a high amount of sodium and caffeine. On the other hand, all the ingredients the shakes are made with come from natural sources such as plants. These include pea protein isolate, green tea extract, brown rice protein isolate and guarana extract, among others. Most of the women which have used Women’s Best Slim Body Shake seemed content with their results in helping them lose weight.

Taste – Both the Cookies ‘N Cream and Vanilla flavors have a fruity and sweet taste to them. The chocolate has a fruity, yet dusty taste to it though.

Texture – The shakes have a velvety-smooth, creamy texture. For those that may want a thicker texture, they may want to add some yogurt or other ingredients.

Price – You can expect to pay around $50.00 for about 28 servings. That comes out to almost $1.50 per shake. When compared to other top rated weight loss shakes, that is really not as expensive as others.

Overall – The Women’s Best Slim Body Shake bundle has some supplements that have proven to work in the weight loss trials. The price is not too high for a shake that is made with 100% vegan protein. There are certain ingredients such as gurana which may cause side effects for some people. As with all power shakes, be sure to check with your doctor if you are allergic to anything or are on any medication. Based on results, reviews and pricing, the Women’s Best receives a 3.9 score.

Skinny Blend

Skinny Blend Review - Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes

Another good meal replacement shakes for weight loss to make our list is the Skinny Blend protein shakes. At just 90 calories per serving, it is one of the lowest on this review guide. The Skinny Blend power shakes are also low on sugar – just 2 grams per servings – and contain 12 grams of protein.

There are 3 flavors available which are Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate. The Skinny Blend food replacement shakes contain a blend of 7 proteins and the powder mixes very easily. They work by helping you burn fat, boost your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.

One downside we found about Skinny Blend when compared to other shakes that help you lose weight, was the lack of protein in each shake. Most other top brands provide a higher amount of the supplement. Still, since these weight aiding beverages are meant to be a weight loss shake, that is understandable. Most users just added other ingredients to make up for the lack of protein though.  

Taste – These shakes were actually pretty good in since they have no after taste to them which is very important. They were also not too sweet as many meal replacement shakes tend to be.

Texture – When the shakes were mixed, the texture was smooth and not clumpy or grainy.

Price – Based on a 30 shakes per bag, the price for each one only comes out to about $1.40 each. For a top 10 meal replacement shakes for weight loss, that is a very good price.

Overall – If you don’t mind the lack of nutrients or proteins, the Skinny Blend meal replacement shakes can work for you. Most users enjoyed adding their own separate ingredients to make up for the lack of protein anyway. Based on pricing, testimonials, results and reviews, Skinny Blend scores 4.3.

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal

With only 110 calories per serving, 25 mg of vitamin C and 4055 IU of vitamin A, Amazing Grass Amazing Meal weight loss shakes pack a great punch. These milkshake meal replacement drinks are naturally sourced out of organic plant-based protein. That includes brown rice, pumpkin seed, sprouted quinoa and organic hemp.

Amazing Meal Reviews - Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes

The Amazing Meal shakes provide phytonutrient and antioxidant with 4 grams of fiber and 11 plus grams of plant based protein. They are also gluten free, Non GMO, vegan, Kosher, raw and USDA certified organic.

One of the things that makes the Amazing Grass smoothies one of the best rated meal replacement shakes for weight loss on the market is the huge amount of supplements they supply. They also deliver digestive enzymes, probiotics and cleansing fibers. But since this is a natural product, some may find the taste not sweet enough or to their liking.

Taste – These shakes are not sweet or fruity tasting. Some compared the taste to sawdust, green or too healthy tasting.

Texture – The drinks are a bit grainy and gritty when compared to other shakes. The texture may change according to your liking once you add fruits, vegetables or other ingredients.

Price – You will only get about 15 servings from a $38 container. That means each shake comes out to around $2.55.

Overall – If you don’t mind giving up the sweet, fruity taste of average smoothies, then the Amazing Grass Amazing Meal diet shakes meal replacement can work for you. Since they are natural, they do not look like most shakes made with processed ingredients. The plus side is the huge amount of supplements you will gain instead.  For those looking to get a high amount of nutrition out of protein shakes meal replacements, the Amazing Meal power drinks are a great choice. Based on results, supplement provisions and price, Amazing Grass Amazing Meal receives 4.4.