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Snacking is a normal habit for anyone, but those little snacks here and there pack on the calories and the unneeded fats, sugars, and sodium.  So to improve your health and boost the amount of nutrients you get a day here are some healthy snacks for any situation.

Work Snacks

Sitting at a desk means you’re going to get hungry and you can’t always set aside time for a meal.  So here are some healthy snacks that can be stashed away in your desk drawer for those moments.

For a light meal or a decent size snack, keep some whole wheat crackers or crispbread with a small can or packet of tuna or salmon.  Tuna and salmon are high in protein and give you a long term energy boost.  If you’re not in the mood you can always use some sardines.  Not a very common snack for everyone, but it’s a protein boost too.

For something more like a normal snack food, use the crackers or crispbread to put peanut butter or some other nut butter on it.  It still keeps the high protein and leaving you satisfied.

Pregnancy Snacks

Pregnancy can cause a range of food cravings.  Sometimes cravings can be good and sometimes the foods you eat may not be the healthiest.  Whatever you eat will pass to the developing baby so it’s important to eat healthy.

Some easy to grab snacks that you probably already have in the house could be some apples and cheese.  Since you’re eating for two you need more nutrients to keep both of you healthy.  Apples and cheese provide the extra fiber and calcium for both you and the baby.

Another good quick snack is an egg and an English muffin.  The egg will provide protein and vitamin D.  Best of all, in the egg’s yolk there is vitamin called choline.  Choline helps in development of the brain of the baby.

Other quick snacks that are good for you and the baby is homemade trail mix, Greek yogurt, veggies with guacamole, or a waffle with some nut butter and fruit.

There’s a huge variety of snacks that are available to you and sometimes it just requires a little creativity.

Late Night Snacks

The late night hungry strikes everyone.  You head off to kitchen and begin rummaging through the cupboards or fridge for that quick snack.  Before you grab the easiest thing and eat it take a little time to make a healthy, satisfying snack.

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Some foods require a little preparation, but nothing too complex.  For example, no bake brownies comprised of a variety of other healthy foods.  Maybe throw together come chocolate almond protein bars or chocolate chip cookie dough fudge.  Another good thing for those with a sweet tooth for ice cream try making ice cream out of bananas.  Freeze some bananas and other fruits with a little bit of honey or agave to sweeten it up throw it in the blender and now there’s a natural, healthy ice cream alternative.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time making something and want something quick to grab have some yogurt and fruit or vegetable chips.  Vegetable chips are better alternatives to potato chips by keeping both carbs and calories low.  Get some bread and put some apple almond butter on it for another quick snack or any other spread you’d like.


Teen snacking


Teens are notorious for bad snacking habits and eating anything that’s cheap and quick.  The thing is the eating habits a teen makes now will reflect the food choices they make when they’re older.  Not only that teens are growing and their bodies are changing.  Some are out doing sports and heading to the school gym or others may want to eat a little better to feel better.

For a quick breakfast before heading out boil an egg for a hard boiled egg and grab an apple too.  This will give a good start to the day with protein that will last through the morning until lunch or when they can have a snack.

For those snacking moments grab some cheese and almonds or pretzels and hummus.  Having different food combinations will allow a better tasting snack and more vitamins and minerals.  Other combinations include peanut butter and apples, yogurt with fresh fruit, and popcorn with fruit and nuts.

After school you could eat the same snacks as listed above, but if you’re feeling a bit more hungry until dinner you could always make English muffin pizzas.  It’s simply a small pizza with other healthy toppings like peppers and onions.

Break the bad snacking habits and instead pick up a nutritious and filling snack instead.


Kids are some the pickiest eaters so getting them to eat is a challenge enough let alone trying to get them to eat healthy.  As impossible as it may seem all it can take is merely picking out the healthier versions of your kids favorite snacks.

Rather than having your child go and grab a little pudding cup or jello cup out of the fridge have available for them to snack on little cups filled with yogurt, applesauce, or other fruits.  This will encourage them to go for the healthier things before going for the junk especially if it’s the only thing in their reach.

Another idea is to make homemade treats like frozen popsicles and smoothies.  The store bought popsicles and smoothies are loaded with sugar and preservatives.  Most parents don’t want that in their kids bodies so instead make your own.  Throw together fresh fruit, yogurt or milk, a little bit of honey, and maybe sneak in some spinach for that extra dose of nutrients and you have a smoothie for your kids.  Not only do they get to choose what goes in, but so do you.  Plus, whatever smoothie doesn’t get consumed put it into popsicle molds or paper cups with popsicle sticks and have popsicles instead.

Other foods like fruit roll ups or fruit snacks sometimes have way more sugar than necessary.  This may appeal to children, but not to parents.  Those types of snacks usually have more sugar than actual fruit.  So when you;re at the grocery store go for fruit leathers instead.  Fruit leather may not be as sweet, but the amount of fruit in them is way more than those artificial fruit snacks.  Sugar content is much lower also.

If your child is one of those where if they can see the fruit or vegetable and they won’t eat then get creative.  Find ways to get them to eat fruits and vegetables that make them fun.  One option could be ants on a log.  Simple as celery, peanut butter, and some raisins.  Other things could be veggie pockets.  Let your kids pick what they want in it and let them stuff them so they feel more involved.

Kids may be picky eaters, but with enough knowledge and creativity getting them to eat healthy won’t be an issue.


Healthy snacks may seem impossible to find or too expensive to afford, but all it takes is that creativity and you’ll be on the road to better snacking.