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310 Protein Shake

Another awesome thing about the 310 Shake is it's extremely easy to purchase and have delivered right to your doorstep! No hassle with a subscription, complicated order form, etc. Simply click a button, and you can purchase any of the variety of flavors!

310 Shake is an easy, convenient, and guilt-free way to improve your daily lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.

It's 10:30 am, and your stomach is growling. You hoped the bagel and cream cheese you grabbed on the way into work this morning would keep the hunger at bay, but no luck. You dig through your desk drawer and find a bag of cookies. Maybe this will help you make it until lunchtime. If this sounds like you, 310 Shake could be the solution you need.

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What Is the 310 Shake?

The 310 Shake is a meal replacement shake that’s chock-full of nutrient-rich ingredients specially designed to fuel your body and keep you full until your next meal.

One of the things that makes this meal replacement shake different than the others currently on the market is the process used to make and package the shakes. 310 Shake is manufactured using cold cross-flow filtration. This is different from most other popular shakes, which are manufactured using a high-heat process. High levels of heat can cause the nutritional level of the shakes to decrease. Cold cross-flow filtration helps preserve all of the natural vitamins and minerals naturally available in the ingredients at the highest level.

This shake can be used as a meal replacement shake (as intended), but can also be consumed as a snack if you need something to get you through the afternoon.

For best results, swap out one or two meals a day with the shake. This significantly cuts your calories while still allowing you to eat the foods you love! You'll experience an energy boost, and your cravings will subside while giving you a natural way to lose weight. 310 Shakes are super convenient to bring with you to work, on trips, or to just toss together at home when you're short on time.

How 310 Shake Help With Weight Loss

Are you looking for meal replacement shakes to help with weight loss? If so, 310 Shake is a reputable brand you can trust to satisfy your cravings and improve your body confidence. First, if you wish to lose weight, you need to improve your diet to eat healthier, more nutritious food, as well as reduce your calorie intake. 

310 Shakes help with weight loss because each serving contains around 200 calories, which is significantly less than your average meal of solid food. The average adult should consume around 2,000 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight, which gives you a deeper understanding of how meal replacement shakes can help you to lose weight. 

To achieve the best results possible with 310 Shakes, you need to replace an entire meal with a shake per day and stick to the suggested portion sizes for your remaining meals. Sometimes, people can end up gaining weight with meal replacement shakes because they consume more calories than their body needs. Plus, bear in mind that shakes are designed to consume forever, so you’ll need to develop new nutritional tricks along the way to sustain a healthy lifestyle afterward.

310 Shake Reviews

The #1 reason to use 310 Shake is its effectiveness. This product will give you what you need to lose weight, gain more energy and focus throughout the day, and essentially add to your all-around physical health and wellness. At only 90 calories, 310 Shake is an excellent choice for a meal replacement or a mid-afternoon snack.

310 Shake has a delicious selection of flavors available to choose from. There are four different flavors of 310 Shake currently available: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha. Each shake comes with a selection of delicious, indulgent recipes to add to your rotation so that you can keep variety in your diet.


The daily cost is comparable to other similar meal replacement shake brands. Sometimes people experience a bit of ticket shock when seeing the up-front price but the cost averages out to be the cost of a latte from your favorite cafe.

310 Nutrition Shake Ingredients

310 Shake sports an impressive protein formula called Tri-Plex that's all-natural and designed to be easy for your body to absorb all of the nutrition. This specially formulated blend of proteins is what makes 310 Shakes unique in the meal replacement shake world.

Tri-Plex Proteins is a formula of three different power-house proteins:

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is low in fat, extremely easy for your body to absorb, and high in amino acids. These amino acids help boost weight loss and work to keep your heart healthy.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is the healthier, younger brother to WPC. It's extremely low in fat and lactose and works extremely hard and fast to fuel your body and keep you full for hours.

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is the third ingredient in the Tri-Plex of awesome. It’s high in protein and low in fat, being the perfect ingredient to delay your hunger while keeping your calories low.

History of 310 Nutrition

If you’re going to put your trust into this brand, you’ll want to know a brief history of 310 Nutrition. The company launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the top leaders in the health and fitness world. The company sells an array of products that are catered to help with weight lose, increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, and boost your muscle mass.

310 Nutrition are most known for their meal replacement shakes, which has helped them to achieve great success. But, did you know that they’re also keen to help with your workout routines and sell exercise equipment so you can reach your body goals? Their website regularly has lots of savings and deals, so make sure you sign up to their newsletter to hear about their latest products and receive discounts.

Do You Need Meal Replacement Shakes?

At this point in the article, you might be wondering if meal replacements shakes are right for you. How do you know that they’ll benefit your health? These easy meal shakes take the stress and worry off meal preparation. With all the nutrients you need for your day liquidised, you don’t need to bother grocery shopping or hastily making up recipes that you end up not enjoying. These are a great solution for busy people or simply if you’d prefer to spend your evenings away from the kitchen.

You might also be feeling a little rundown, perhaps tired for no reason or your immune system needs recharging. Meal replacement shakes are a convenient and effective way to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. As a result, you’ll have much more energy, feel happier in your own skin and less prone to catching illnesses. This point only is just one reason to change your lifestyle.

310 Shakes vs SlimFast

If you’re serious about finding the best meal replacement for weight loss, you’ll have likely researched some competitive brands such as SlimFast. But what is the difference between these meal replacement shakes and why should you choose 310 Shakes?

First, SlimFast claims that one ready-to-drink meal replacement shake will satisfy your hunger and cravings for several hours, but most online comments report that after a couple of hours, you’ll need a snack, if not a meal. On the other hand, some users report that it’s about willpower and is an opportunity to develop a stronger mind to combat your cravings rather than just giving in. 

SlimFast has a huge emphasis on weight loss rather than nutrition, so you aren’t likely to feel healthier on this new diet change. Plus, many of SlimFast’s shakes contain artificial ingredients to enhance the flavor, and if you already have a healthy, balanced diet, you will recognize that the flavor isn’t natural. Also, will flavors such as rich chocolate, and strawberries and cream, you’ll notice that the ingredients only mention powder forms of these. 

Finally, if you want to try meal replacement shakes for weight loss, you’ll likely want to keep your calorie intake down to a minimum. However, SlimFast contains more calories and less protein than 310 Shakes, making them an overall unhealthier approach. Plus, SlimFast contains around 18 grams of sugar, and once absorbed into your bloodstream, sugar turns into fat which is the last thing you want if you’re trying to lose weight.

310 Shakes vs Shakeology

Another competitor is Shakeology. When you’re looking for a meal replacement shake, you’ll want a substantial amount of protein to increase your muscle mass, improve your body function, and keep hunger pains away. Thankfully, Shakeology has a similar amount of protein to 310 Shake - with 1g more to be exact. Shakeology uses a mixture of whey-based and plant-based protein to provide a healthy balance of nutrients and minerals with each portion. 310 Shake products use a combination of three types of protein that help to boost your metabolism and satisfy weight loss.

Sugar is an important ingredient in meal replacement shakes because you don’t want too much of it. Otherwise, you can gain weight and experience a crash in blood sugar levels. 310 Shakes contain around 1g of sugar while Shakeology’s vanilla product contains 7g of sugar per serving. If you’re dedicated to consuming meal replacement shakes rather than solid food, you’ll be consuming 21g of sugar per day for each meal.

Aside from the calories, Shakeology also uses fructose which is a sugar that can lead to health implications if consumed in large quantities.  , this ingredients has been linked to heart problems and liver damage.

Finally, the price is an important factor when choosing a meal replacement shake because it has to be sustainable so you can keep up this new lifestyle. Shakeology shakes equate to around $4.33 per serving, while 310 Shake costs around $2.43 per serving. This is a huge price difference between the two, and if you’re on a budget, it makes sense to opt for 310 Shake.

310 Shakes vs Herbalife

Herbalife is another popular meal replacement brand, but when comparing these two brands in terms of weight loss, satisfaction, and results, we found that many customers reported that Herbalife just doesn’t suppress your appetite and you’re soon hungry again a couple of hours later. With only 90 calories per serving, this might sound like a dream for weight loss but is a small number of calories for one adult to consume for an entire meal. 

Also, Herbalife boasts 9 grams of protein per serving which is another reason why you might be hungry soon after consuming a shake - especially if you’re combining this lifestyle with exercise. Herbalife shakes contain a large portion of artificial sweeteners and sugar. This does enhance the flavor and makes the shake taste more pleasant, but if you’re serious about weight loss and improving your overall health, these ingredients are only going to hold you back.

However, let’s not completely dismiss Herbalife as it’s a great addition when combined with a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a meal replacement shake as well as eating solid foods and regularly exercising, this is an ideal choice. However, it doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients and calories to suppress your appetite and make you feel healthier. On the other hand, 310 Shakes are satisfying enough to consume without solid foods. 

Meal Replacement Shakes vs Diet Bars

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’ve encountered diet bars that also claim to have with weight loss. First, meal shakes are designed to replace solid foods during your meals. As a result, they boast essential vitamins and minerals to provide you with the nutrition food offers. 

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On the other hand, diet bars are an effective snack to replace unhealthy, sugary snacks. Therefore, they’re ideal to eat between meals when you’re feeling hungry and to reverse any bad eating habits. Also, diet bars are great to provide you with additional carbohydrates and protein after an intense workout. By helping you improve the results you see from workouts by building muscle, they’ll help to increase your body confidence. Protein bars also help to speed up recovery so you can get back to the gym after vigorous exercise.

As meal replacement shakes and protein bars have different objectives, there’s no way to say that one product is more effective than the other. These different foods nicely complement one another so you can incorporate both into your diet if you wish.

The Difference Between Meal Replacement Shakes and Protein Shakes

Are you wondering about the difference between these two healthy products? Let’s take an in depth insight into what makes both of these unique.


Protein shakes tend to be low in fat, by offering around 3g of fat, while meal replacements don’t have a typical amount. Generally speaking, meal replacement shakes tend to be higher in fat although are lower in carbohydrates, so if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important you research the fat content before making a purchase. However, not all fats are bad and should be avoided. Many meal replacement shakes contain essential omega-3 fats which can help with muscle gain and help you to lose fat.


As the name suggests, protein shakes are dedicated to providing you with protein. Typically, a shake will contain 25g of protein, while meal replacement shakes have a larger range of around 10g of protein. But, if you want to increase your protein content but wish to consume meal replacement shakes, you can purchase ones dedicated for building muscle.


Protein shakes tend to be lower in calories, whereas meal replacement shakes tend to be higher. However, don’t let that scare you because meal replacement shakes require to contain a healthy amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight and body function. Whey protein shakes usually offer around 101 calories per serving, whereas meal shakes usually contain between 300 and 400 calories - still much fewer than a meal with solid food which is how they help you to lose weight.

Vitamins and Nutrients

It’s essential that meal shakes contain high levels of vitamins and minerals since they need to provide an entire meal’s worth of protein and other nutrients in one serving. On the other hand, protein shakes are primarily dedicated to providing you with protein so don’t contain many vitamins and minerals. But, if increasing your protein and mineral intake is important to you, there’s always the option of combining both shakes into your daily diet.

Other Products By 310 Shake 

Detoxifying Teas

This brand also has a wide selection of other weight-loss products, such as detoxifying teas. These teas are filled with natural ingredients to increase your metabolism to help you lose weight. Another key benefit of their cleansing teas is that they help to reduce your appetite so you eat less and feel fuller for longer. Plus, you’re less likely to eat artificial preservatives if you’re feeling healthier.

Made with organic ingredients, these teas are a great substitute to a morning coffee and come in an array of flavors for a delicious treat. For example, the Jasmine Mint Tea helps your body to naturally get rid of toxins and supports your digestive system to increase how your body burns fat. Plus, the mint flavor is calming and refreshing and has been proven to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality. Combined with peppermint, the Jasmine Mint Tea can also balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, and help with pain relief.

The organic green tea within this drink helps you to burn fat without excessively hitting the gym and slows down your carbohydrate digestion to provide you with more energy to prevent you feeling tired and sluggish. Another key ingredient is ginger that tones the muscles within your digestive system and increases your metabolic rate. With regular consumption, your body’s immune system will become healthier so you won’t feel rundown or frequently feeling ill for no reason. Another beneficial ingredient is pomegranate, which has numerous health benefits and can help with weight loss. You’ll also increase your energy levels which helps you to burn additional calories in the long run.

Lemonade Mixes

Aside from meal replacement shakes, 310 Shake pride themselves in their lemonade drink that acts as a great snack in-between shakes and satisfies your sugar cravings. Their variety pack contains an array of flavors to keep you satisfied and treat your taste buds. 310 Lemonade can help with weight loss and improve your health, unlike sugary drinks that can make your energy levels crash and cause weight gain. Plus, they taste great, which is amazing considering they don’t contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners, and are caffeine-free.

No matter which flavor you choose, all ingredients contain the following minerals to balance the pH levels in your body: Calcium, potassium, and magnesium. As a result, you’re more likely to experience weight loss and feel body-confident. Plus, with green tea extract in each sachet, this ingredient increases your metabolic rate so you can burn up to three times more calories than without this drink.

How to Not Gain Weight After a Shake-Diet

We briefly mentioned earlier that meal replacement shakes aren’t designed to consume every day for the rest of your life because you need to balance weight loss and nutrition with leading a happy and fulfilled life. Here are some tips to keep your weight the same after a shake diet.

Always Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

One popular trap people fall into is not planning meals ahead of time or having food readily-prepared if you know you’ll be away from home or not near a kitchen. Meal replacement shakes are convenient because they’re ready-made and don’t require any preparation. However, you need to adjust to planning your meals and ensuring you have all the healthy ingredients you need to have stocked in your kitchen.

Research a long list of healthy recipes and purchase the ingredients for a day you have free time to cook. Purchase a calendar and place it on your fridge with a week-plan of what food you’ll consume. By having all the healthy ingredients in, you’re less likely to order a takeaway or slip into unhealthy habits. Also, you may wish to cook your meals in advance so you always have something to hand when you’re feeling hungry.

Engage in Physical Activity

We all know that exercise is healthy, but not enough of us do it. When you adjust from shakes to solid foods, you’ll more than likely consume more calories than before which can naturally lead to some weight gain. Regular exercise helps to keep your weight gain to a minimum and boost your metabolism. You don’t have to engage in activity that’s too vigorous, as 30 minutes of walking every day is a healthy way to prevent weight gain.

Avoid Processed, Artificial Foods

Don’t purchase food just because it’s labeled as ‘low-calorie’ or ‘great for weight-loss’ as this doesn’t always mean it’s nutritious or healthy. Many processed foods are high in fats and calories, and sugar. Companies can advertise a bag of sugar as ‘low-calorie’ because it technically doesn’t turn to fat until it’s absorbed into your bloodstream. 

To prevent yourself falling for any misleading claims, ensure that you research the food yourself and look at the list of ingredients on the back. If you see any ingredients with low names or words you can’t pronounce, this is an indication that it’s unnatural and worth avoiding. 

It’s natural that you’ll crave sugar from time to time, but we recommend eating a protein bar for a snack as they’re high in protein and fiber and low in sugar and additives. These make a guilt-free snack and can sometimes be just as delicious as a candy bar.

Tips to Get Motivated to Work Out

Aside from consuming copious amounts of vitamins and minerals, you’ll also need to engage in a workout plan for weight loss, see physical changes, and feel more energized. But if you aren’t yet engaged in an exercise plan, it can be tricky to find the motivation to begin. Below are some of our top tips to succeed in the gym.

Set a Goal

Goals help us to reach our targets and ensure we stay on track. If you don’t have something to aim for, you could feel like working out is a never ending cycle with no purpose. However, knowing that you’re training for something or have a reason to lift a heavier weight will give you the desire to do so. For example, register for a running competition to give you a solid reason to get up off the couch on the weekends. You could also try rewarding yourself when you reach your goals. The objective of setting goals is to make them challenging but realistic, and set them often so you always have something to work for.

Schedule Your Workout Times

Telling yourself you’ll exercise isn’t enough, because you need to create a plan to stay motivated. Meal replacement shakes are an effective way of getting your daily amount of vitamins and minerals and helping you to lose weight, but you need to engage in physical activity, too. Be realistic with when you will work out so you remain on track. You could even purchase a calendar that’s specific to exercising. Planning your week in advance means you have a clear goal of when you need to get moving so you can work around it. Be realistic, too. For example, don’t say you’ll exercise at 6am on Monday mornings if you know you sleep late on a Sunday night.

Mix Up Your Routines

Another great way to get motivated to work out is by mixing up your exercise routines. If you perform the same movement every time, your body will become used to the activity and you won’t see any physical changes. Plus, you’ll become demotivated. This can mean going to the gym, cycling outside, using YouTube fitness videos, running with a friend, etc. The more variety you have, the more engaged you’ll become and the more you’ll challenge yourself. 

Exercise Isn’t Punishment

Yes, you should feel some burn when exercising to know your body is working hard. But, you shouldn’t exercise to the point where you’re in physical pain or absolutely dread the gym. Routines that are too vigorous can be difficult to keep up and stay motivated. Don’t look at exercising as a punishment, as there are so many benefits to moving. You’ll feel energized, confident, positive, and healthy. 

Try to have fun while you’re exercising by playing your favorite music, treating yourself to new gym clothes etc. If you hate exercising, it could be because you’re not enjoying the activity. Dance instead of run. Exercise with friends. Whatever it is, try to have as much fun as possible. 

Take The Pressure Off

It’s important that you’re disciplined so you reach your goals, but that doesn’t mean being hard on yourself and putting yourself down when you can’t reach a goal or have plans that mean you miss the gym one time. You’re human and allowed to make adjustments, so long as these aren’t permanent. 

Take the pressure off yourself by being kind to your mind and body. Feed yourself with positive words and love who you are. Hating yourself and putting yourself down isn’t a healthier strategy. Plus, bear in mind that you won’t always be in the mood to exercise, but a great tip to stay motivated is remembering that you don’t have to always be in the mood to get it done. Stop overthinking and put your gym clothes on. That’s usually the hardest part of exercising.

Keep a Log of Your Workouts

Finally, another tip to remain motivated to work out is keeping a log of your workouts. This involves writing down which days you exercised, what activities you did and the achievements accomplished. Be specific by mentioning how many reps you achieved, the total weight, etc., and more details so you can refer to this to improve your fitness and beat new goals.

Tips for Switching to a Shake-Diet

We appreciate that transitioning from a diet of solid foods to only shakes can be a shock to the system, but this isn’t an impossible task. Here are some tips to bear in mind to help with this new lifestyle change (even if it is only a temporary solution).

Consult Your Doctor

If you’re concerned about changing your diet, talk to your doctor first. This is a great way to receive medical advice, especially if you currently have a medical condition. Your doctor will undergo a thorough, full-body examination to ensure you’re fit and healthy for this lifestyle change. Plus, they can help to work out how many calories you should eat to maintain a healthy weight. Doing this will provide you with peace of mind before diving straight in.

Slowly Adjust to Diet Shakes

If you suddenly change your diet, this can be a shock to your system. Be realistic and not too hard on yourself. Start by replacing only one meal per day - primarily the one that is the biggest hassle for you. For example, do you want to spend your night cooking after a long day at work? The answer is probably no, so replacing your last meal with a shake is a realistic adjustment.

Don’t Completely Restrict Yourself

You still have to live your life while you’re drinking meal replacement shakes. So that means you’re allowed a slice of birthday cake or can skip a shake for solid food with friends. This doesn’t mean that you’re not committed to this lifestyle plan, but that you wish to continue living your life.

Are You Prepared to Try This Shake?

We hope you enjoyed reading about 310 Shake, including what ingredients it contains, its benefits and how this brand compares to other leading weight-loss brands. We’re passionate about helping people find a product that produces results but in a similar manner and with no harmful, artificial ingredients. This is why we stand by 310 Shake and approve of its methods. Slowly wean yourself into this routine and don’t restrict yourself to ensure you experience real results that you can keep up for the rest of your life.

Would you consider purchasing meal replacement shakes or do you have experience of this lifestyle? Perhaps you have some other brands in mind you’d like to share. Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

Where to Buy The 310 Protein Shake?


310 Protein Shake

Another awesome thing about the 310 Shake is it’s extremely easy to purchase and have delivered right to your doorstep! No hassle with a subscription, complicated order form, etc. Simply click a button and you can purchase any of the variety of flavors!

310 Shake is an easy, convenient and guilt-free way to improve your daily lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.