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I don’t know about you, but I used to be totally addicted to sugar. My mood while I was on a sugar high was normal but not a good normal for that. Then if I didn’t have any sugar for a few hours, everyone would know. I used to get asked sometimes, “are you off sugar are you?” It was that bad.

I realized that I needed to quit sugar but how? I was really addicted and didn’t want to give up the sweet stuff. I knew if I just went cold turkey all I would think about it sugar and I would probably be miserable. So what I did was limit my sugar intake drastically! I only allowed myself to have one sugary soda each day. No other sugar allowed. This is down from about 3-4 sodas a day so it was quite a shock on my body for the first few days. I was moody, snapped at very little things and was very unhappy. And boy did I enjoy that one soda a day. I looked forward to it. About two weeks into this, I was quite content with one soda a day so I decided to have a soda every second day. Again, took a bit of getting used to but after a week I did get used to it. Two more weeks of this I quit sodas all together and replaced them with sparkling mineral water which I now love. I just have them plain.

While I have been doing this, my groceries have also taken a drastic change. I no longer get all of those packaged meals that can be heated in a minute or two. I have replaced these sugary and generally unhealthy meals with more fresh vegetables and fruit.

So here are my tips for detoxing off sugar:

• Set yourself clear goals. These will include how much sugar you will have right away, how much in two weeks, etc.
• Don’t go cold turkey. Wean yourself off sugar and set yourself limits for things such as sodas and fruit juices.
• Eat mostly vegetables. Replace those packaged meals with meals based around vegetables. Stir-fry’s are great as long as you use a sauce which isn’t too bad for you. Check your labels! Or chicken, brown rice, and vegetables. Or even try eating a chicken salad for dinner.
• Do this during down time or a period of your life which isn’t extremely hectic and stressful. You will have more chance of success if you are able to relax or take a snooze.
• Try drinking sparkling mineral water. This can be a really good replacement for sodas without all the added sugar and other nasties.
• If you mess up and have an extra soda for example, it doesn’t mean the rest of the day is lost! Try to be extra good for the rest of the day or even just stick to your goals. This is far better than binging on junk.
• Don’t give up! It will be hard to give us this stuff. It wouldn’t be an addiction if it was easy to give up.

Of course, the timing of results will depend on how much sugar you currently have, your willpower, and your goals. This technique along with weight loss shakes should help you kick your sugar addiction and help you lose lots of weight. The problem is that there are so many brands of weight loss shakes that are packed with sugar. Check your labels. Our personal pick of weight loss shakes are IdeaShape. If you have any doubts or feel like something may be wrong, please see your doctor. I am not a health professional, I am simply stating what worked for me.