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Below, you will find both the weight loss shake flavor which best aligns with your personality and the one which you should actually consume, your ideal shake. It is no surprise that the properties found in the Ideal Shake are incredible for your body, but what about the flavors of the shakes in this list? When I see flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and mocha, I think of treats. I don’t think of those flavors in and of itself as very good for me. My love for dark chocolate pieces, vanilla ice cream, and mocha frappuccinos are unending, but what if these flavors in themselves could be as good for my body as they were for my taste?

Ideal Shake: Chocolate

Thoughtful Personality; ideal shake

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Positives: Like a chocolate weight loss shake, you have a rich personality. With multiple layers to your life, you have diverse interests, many of which involve intellect. You are a deep thinker who does not simply accept life as it comes but ponders why it is that way and how it may be improved.

Negatives: Unfortunately, because you think so deeply throughout your everyday life, you struggle to lighten up. Just as a chocolate shake commands your attention and is not appropriate in all settings, your seriousness can be misinterpreted as conceit. All forms of humor or play seem immature and novice to you, a waste of time which could and should be spent more wisely.

Ideal Shake: Therefore, your ideal shake is strawberry. While its fruity delicacy may shock you at first, learning to appreciate the importance of joy and opening up will help you become more well-rounded.

Benefits of Chocolate 

I Love Chocolate So

I am something of a chocolate connoisseur. I will eat it in pretty much any form, and I love it in other things such as my coffee. I will commonly get triple chocolate or treats of chocolate in many forms, all mixed together. So when it came to weight loss, I had sad thoughts about a future without the treat at all. But then I stumbled upon Ideal Shake, I saw that it was all a nightmare I could let go of. Chocolate can still be a thing I enjoy in moderation, in an Ideal Shake! 

Nutrients in Chocolate

The health benefits of chocolate are actually endless. You may not know this, but it is a great thing to learn if you are a chocolate lover like me! Chocolate is nutritious and has tons of fiber, which is a fact few know. There is also magnesium, fiber, copper, potassium, zinc, and many other vitamins and minerals in this incredible treat. Even the fatty aspects of it are very good for you. 

Eat it in Moderation

The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Obviously, it should not be eaten in mass quantities because of course, even with all the benefits, it still has lots of sugar. Like everything else, it is always good to eat chocolate in healthy moderation. Chocolate actually does have caffeine, which not a ton of people happen to be aware of. But this is not something to be too worried about, seeing as the levels are small. 

Appreciate Antioxidants

Another thing chocolate has is loads of antioxidants. It actually has more antioxidants than other foods that are known for having them, such as fruit like blueberries. This is yet another great reason to eat chocolate and drink it in your Ideal Shake smoothie. 

Chocolate Calms You Down

Chocolate can also lower your blood pressure and send signals to your brain to calm down. This is great for those who need to relax and are overstimulated. This is why eating chocolate in place of alcohol can be a great thing! 

One A Day…

Just like people are told to have a few pills of Aspirin every day or one glass of wine for their heart, having some chocolate every day holds similar benefits. For those who have heart issues, chocolate can lower high cholesterol. For those who have diabetes, chocolate intake can even help their bodies to resist insulin less. Talk about a super food!

A Sun Protectant

Do you find yourself wearing sunscreen every day? Do you use SPF based skincare products such as makeup foundation? Do you protect your eyes with sunglasses and clothes and hats and in a hundred other different ways? Well, there is good news for you! Adding chocolate to your skin protection regimen can make a big difference. This magical food hydrates the skin and helps with blood flow and keeping skin density. 

The properties in it will help the redness that comes from being exposed to the sun. If you live in a place that has a ton of sun (like me, growing up in south Florida and now living in Georgia), then you better stock up on the chocolate! If you are planning to sit in the sun for a vacation, then eat chocolate beforehand. It is great for the skin and the taste buds. 

Ideal Shake: Vanilla

Conservative Personality; ideal shake
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Positives: If you have a vanilla shake-personality, you value tradition, loyalty, and consistency. You appreciate the stability of rules and regulations and once committed to a responsibility, you can be relied upon to fulfill it. You are a dependable employee, citizen, and friend.  Like the normalcy of a vanilla shake, you provide a respite from the often chaotic nature of life, an unchanging quality which serves as a comfort to many.

Negatives: Unfortunately, the source of this shake’s admirable characteristics also presents a source of undesirable ones. The consistency which is so commendable can often lead you to become stuck in your own ways, unwilling to hear any suggestions which stray from tradition, even if they would be advantageous changes.

Ideal Shake: Thus, your ideal shake is mocha. Its unconventional nature contrast all your characteristics, but will help to break your attachment to tradition and expand your perspectives; you may even gain a new favorite shake.

Benefits of Vanilla

Getting into this Ideal Shake article, I knew that coffee and chocolate had a few good things about it. But I had no idea how good vanilla was for you! Vanilla is a sweet taste and scent that seems pretty ordinary, but it really is anything but. It has antibacterial aspects built into it that help you to health quickly and regrows cells. It also does things like supports a healthy immune system and decreases the stress you may feel. These are great reasons to enjoy the vanilla flavored Ideal Shake! 

Improves Hair Health 

Can you imagine that vanilla, a favorite ice cream flavor, can actually work wonders for your hair? If you have brittle hair, a ton of breakage, or dead ends, vanilla can help with that. Not only does it help the hair already there to get stronger, but it also helps your scalp to grow hair by stimulating the hair follicles. 

A Calming Scent 

Vanilla is a calming scent, so if you drink a vanilla Ideal Shake, you may have stress reduced greatly. Simply the aroma promotes a state of calm. 

Helps Skin Issues

If you are prone to skin issues such as acne breakouts, redness, or dull, gray skin, then vanilla can help. It can lower both breakouts as well as the scares left from breakouts. 

For Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, which is big a possibility if you are looking into drinking an Ideal Shake, then vanilla is good for you. It has the ability to suppress appetite, which is the first step to weight loss, and you may know well. Vanilla can also lower your cholesterol as well as assist your metabolism in working at its best. 

Improves Digestions Issues

If you struggle with an inflamed gut or digestion issues, vanilla is a good thing. Things like digestion, stomach pains, and all other stomach issues can lessen if you ingest vanilla. 

Do you have respiratory issues? There is nothing worse than having a relentless sore throat! In order to avoid inflammation, allergies, and the annoying runny nose, ingesting vanilla is your go-to. It coats the throat and has an antibacterial activation, helping to lessen those symptoms. 

Another great way to try vanilla:  Use vanilla in essential oil form. Read up on all the things this oil can do!

Ideal Shake: Strawberry

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Positives: Much like a strawberry weight loss shake, you are constantly cheerful. You probably wear a lot of bright colors and floral patterns, attire which reflects your vibrant personality. Typically categorized as an extrovert, you go out of your way to make everyone feel included and comfortable.  You strive to brighten peoples’ day and put others’ interests ahead of your own.

Negatives: But, this self-sacrifice can only last so long as individuals with strawberry shake-personalities risk spreading themselves too thin. Paired with an inclination for extreme emotions (either being ecstatic or depressed), you will one day crash if you are not careful.

Ideal Shake: Your ideal shake is chocolate. You could stand to pace yourself, as being happy is preferable but unrealistic and even dangerous to exercise relentlessly. The chocolate flavor challenges you to be slightly more intellectual and introspective, to focus on authenticity and internal well-being rather than putting on a facade.

Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry is the only favor out of the four that is OBVIOUSLY going to be naturally healthy. It is one of the most popular fruits out there. There is no misconception, strawberries are healthy for your body. But what exactly do they do? What makes them so good for you? We know that fruit is good for the body, but why is this specific fruit good? 

High in the Good, Low in the Bad

These delicious fruits are very high in water and very low in carbs. Therefore, they can keep you hydrated and do not offer weight gain. They are also very high in fiber and low in sugar. They have complex sugars, not simple ones, so they don’t spike the blood sugar the same way processed sugar would. 

High in Nutrients 

Strawberries also have high antioxidants and vitamins, like vitamin C, folate, and potassium. These are important and necessary compounds that the body needs to operate in a healthy way. 

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Make You Poop

This fruit is great for keeping you regular. If you struggle to use the bathroom consistently, strawberries will help with this. Since they are high in both water and fiber, they will keep you on a good schedule. 

Keep You Full

How crazy to think that munching on strawberries between meals, this little fruit so full of water and nutrients will keep you from being hungry for a while. It is a great snack in between meals for this reason! 

Great for Diabetes

Another great reason why strawberries are a wonderful ingredient is because they help those with diabetes greatly. If you personally suffer from diabetes or know someone who does, strawberries help to maintain and regulate blood sugar levels. Don’t let the sweetness fool you. This is a good sugar!

Gives Brainpower

Need to keep your mind in check? Do you need plenty of brainpower to get through your school or workday? Then strawberries can help! They help blood flow in the brain as well as keep you consistently healthy in mind, even as you age. Your cognitive functioning goes up as you take tests, problem-solve or learn and memorize information and facts. 

Keeps Eyes Healthy 

Are you concerned with your eye health? Well, strawberries are good for this too! This little fruit helps with everything from dry eyes to eye infections. The nutrients in strawberries keep everything in check. 

Increases Bone Health

Strawberries can help your bone health as well! It can keep you away from complications like inflammation and osteoarthritis. 

Another great way to eat strawberries: 

My personal favorite way to eat strawberries is with chocolate. That means it can be covered in dark chocolate, covered in Nutella, or dipped in chocolate. As you have seen in this article, chocolate is good for you. So pairing chocolate (preferably dark) and strawberries, is a healthy idea! Get creative and enjoy these two healthy treats.

Ideal Shake: Mocha

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Positives: Mocha weight loss shake-people are unique, sometimes referred to as hipsters (not in the stylish sense but in the still-writes-on-a-typewriter sense). You are not ashamed to be yourself or stand against the mainstream. You probably have hobbies or occupations which typically do not translate into immense material gain — things like art, music, and dance.

Negatives: While your originality is admirable, mocha shake-people like you often fail to appreciate their roots. Even though rebelling against the supposed absolutes of society endear you, you can burn bridges and offend friends by forgetting how people and events of the past have contributed to your unique self.

Ideal Shake: Therefore, your ideal shake is vanilla.  In order to prevent you from becoming cynical in your rebellion, the vanilla flavor encourages you to ponder the past and value how traditions have shaped who you are today.

One of the beauties of humankind is its diversity. This world contains all sorts of people with all sorts of personalities, each containing their own praiseworthy characteristics. But we must also be aware of the aspects of our personalities which are capable of causing harm, to ourselves or others. Flavors of shakes, such as those produced by Ideal Shape, can provide a glimpse into these positive and negative qualities which parallel human personalities. By determining which shake — chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or mocha — most closely resembles your personality, hopefully you learn something about who you are and what you should be cautious of. Next time you go to make yourself a shake, remember your ideal shake suggestion. This ideal shake choice may be unusual, but it may be the first step toward self-betterment.

Benefits of Mocha

Coffee, coffee, coffee. It is a favorite in the United States, as well as many other places in the world. Drinking coffee is a favorite pastime and daily factor for many. 

For starters, mocha is already pretty good for the body. It is a higher quality, finer type of coffee. And coffee, in general, is pretty healthy! There are studies coming out left and right now that prove that America’s favorite drink has more pros than cons. 

So what are some of the health benefits of coffee consumption?

Let’s see…

Full of Fiber 

First up, coffee is a ton of fiber, just like chocolate! If you drink a cup or two a day, it will up your fiber intake. 

Helps Muscle Exhaustion 

Another great thing coffee is good for is those who workout. It can really take down the muscle exhaustion by about half the normal amount. 

Teeth Cleanser

If you like your coffee black, then it can even cleanse your teeth. All the talk of how dirty and yellow coffee can make your teeth goes out of the window when you introduce the bacteria killing properties of black coffee. 

Fat Burner 

If you are drinking coffee and want to lose weight, there is good news for you! Caffeine helps you burn fat. So just imagine how much fat caffeine in mocha flavored Ideal Shakes can burn! 

Helps Type 2 Diabetes 

Another health benefit of regular coffee drinking is its ability to keep type 2 diabetes away. In this day and age, the disease of type 2 is ever-present, and multiple studies have been done to suggest that coffee consumption can help this become less of a factor in people at risk. 

Creates Adrenaline

The caffeine in your mocha is also great for burning fat to create adrenaline. If you are going to work out, have some type of physical activity you need to do, or just need to be more alert for the day ahead, drink coffee beforehand in your mocha Ideal Shake. 

Makes You Poop

Coffee also makes you poop. This is a huge thing in and of itself! If you want to go every day, drink coffee. For many, coffee is a morning ritual so that a morning bathroom break happens, daily. It activates the colon to produce that contractions we all know so well. Even more so than water! Surprisingly, decaf can have the same impact. 

Though many think it is coffee that has this impact, that is simply not the case. Coffee itself is a diarrhetic based on the components in it. That means no matter how you take it, be prepared to poop and pee a whole lot, no matter if it’s decaf or not. Your creamer is likely part of the cup that is causing you to use the restroom when you drink coffee, as well. Dairy has that effect. 

Though pooping because of coffee drinking is not an exact science, and not all people experience this end, it is common for a high percentage to feel the need to poop about 20 minutes after you drink a cup.

Lowers Risk of Depression

Over and over, you will find studies that suggest that coffee consumption staves off depression and negative hormones, as well. This is could be due to the adrenaline that comes when you drink that stuff and the motivation to get stuff done, as well as the pure enjoyment in coffee drinking. There are so many forms you can have it in, even in your mocha Ideal Shake! What’s not to love about it? 

So what are some of the best ways to make your coffee healthy? 

Don’t Let it Keep You From Sleep

In order to drink coffee, mocha, and caffeine in a healthy way, you will have to make sure it does not interfere with your sleep. Sleep is a vital component of having a healthy body and a healthy life. Lack of sleep is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. When I was younger, caffeine would not impact me in the same way. But now, I can’t have it past a certain time or it’s hard to sleep. You will learn how it works best for your body, but you must listen to what your body is telling you to do this. 

Avoid Additives

The problem with coffee is not the coffee itself, but the number of additives we put in it. Coffee is a nectar of the gods, but sugar, cream, and sweeteners are our biggest demise. I used to pride myself on the fact that I do not drink sugary drinks such as soda or tons of fake juice, but then I realized my coffee may be just as bad, if not worse. If you want your coffee to be healthy, be wary of how you are drinking it. Remember that our taste buds adapt. You can, over time, make yourself like something. 

Try to use honey instead of sugar. Try a dairy-free creamer like almond milk, instead of all that heavy cream. Instead of real sugar, try a natural sweetener. These small changes can really make your coffee intake healthier. If you are dieting, you will need to find replacements for the things you love. Just remember, if you have to load your coffee down with all these extras, you are no longer consuming something with tons of health benefits. 

Try Organic 

Isn’t it crazy how the process in which our food is created can really impact if it is healthy or not? This goes for so many foods, and it even includes coffee. Your coffee intake can be bad if you purchase coffee beans that have all types of pesticides and other unhealthy ways of being made. Try to buy organic whenever you can to get the most health benefits out of your daily drink as possible. 

Know Your Body 

Listen to your body when you drink coffee. For me, coffee consumption is one of the greatest things until I hit that three-cup limit and start to get jittery. At this point, I know myself enough to be aware of the fact that I can only handle two cups a day and if I drink it on an empty stomach or after 2 or 3 pm, I won’t sleep well (or at all). The same listening goes for you. Pay attention to what too much feels like and adjust accordingly. If you simply like the ritual of coffee drinking, then drink decaf or tea when you reach your caffeine limits. Listening to how you feel can help you greatly. 

Add Cocoa

Cocoa is what makes your coffee a mocha. This addition is very good for your body. Cocoa has so many antioxidants and minerals that will enhance your healthiness. For this reason, it is important to get as much out of your coffee drinking as possible by adding it in. If you are drinking the Ideal Shake mocha flavor, that cocoa is already there. 

Add Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is another incredible thing you can add to your coffee for some good flavor and incredible health benefits. It is also a taste that can help you cut back on all the extra things you feel you need to add to make your coffee taste good. 

Add Honey

My personal favorite natural thing to add to my coffee is honey. Did you know honey has tons of health benefits? Some of these include rich antioxidants, a great sugar alternative for those living with diabetes, it lowers blood pressure, helps respiratory issues, improves cholesterol, and even helps heal burns and cuts. Honey is both medicinal and delicious. Though it is a great alternative to sugar and my personal favorite sweetener for my coffee, honey is also high in sugar, so don’t go crazy. 

Find Good Roasts and Infused Flavors 

Another way you can make your coffee drinking healthy is by getting good quality roasts, or learning how you enjoy it most. For me, drip coffee tastes purer and is a great alternative to drinking the burnt stuff that comes out of machines. Knowing this, I can make a drip and drink it black or almost black. Another thing that helps me drink it without additives is purchasing brews that are infused with flavors I love. There are nutty flavors, chocolate flavors, fruit flavors, and many more. I can get these flavors and it adds to the sweetness to balance out the bitterness in my brew, allowing me to enjoy the unfiltered taste. 

Another great way to enjoy mocha: my personal favorite way to enjoy coffee is by eating the coffee beans covered in dark chocolate. What a fun way to eat two healthy things! I am equally a lover of chocolate and coffee. Just a tip though, don’t get carried away with how many you consume. These fun treats are chock full of caffeine.

Final Thoughts on the Ideal Shake

Flavors of shakes parallel human personalities in many ways. They possess both positive qualities that should be imitated and negative ones which could benefit from some adjustments. This ideal shake may not be the one you would most likely gravitate towards, but the one which would best combat the struggles of your personality type.