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The benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables have been lauded for ages. Yet, according to the Center for Disease Control, only 1 in 10 Americans is getting enough of these critical foods.

Blending your food in a blender is one of the easiest and most popular ways of preparing fruits and vegetables. As the blender is able to break down the foodstuff into a smooth, delightful consistency that imitates a kind of sweet soup. People often use other additives like dairy products and nuts. Also, honey to alter consistency, nutrition, and taste.

In this review, we analyze one of the most popular blenders made by the company Oster, noting its unique qualities as well as its drawbacks. We also include a brief history of the company Oster.

Finally, we discuss how this model compares with similar products on the market. Ending with our thoughts regarding the worthiness of the Oster blender model. Let's check the Oster blender review and what we have to say.

What Makes Oster Blender’s Pro Series Unique?

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The main blender we will be discussing is the Pro Series model from Oster. Click here to read about How To Detox Off Junk Food / Sodas.

Oster Blender Pro Series

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The Pro Series is one of the highest quality and expensive models that Oster blender makes. They are most known for more affordable products. 



Our Rating

Best Quality



  • high quality
  • osther blender tamper feature
  • functional pre set modes


  • machine oil is leaking
  • overheating

Highest Quality

bpa free Oster blender review

This model features a powerful 1400-Watt motor within a 64-ounce plastic container. The plastic container is from Tritan materials. Which makes it lightweight, shatterproof and BPA free.

The absence of Bisphenol A (BPA) in containers is an important distinction in modern kitchen appliances. The presence of these compounds comes with various metabolic diseases. Also, cancers in both human and animal populations.

The blade that in this blender is stainless steel and spins at over 250 miles per hour. You can adjust the speed of the blender using a dial. It is a unique feature that typically only the top-of-the-line blenders feature. This makes the Pro Series dynamic as the user. You can adjust the rate of change throughout the entire process of blending.

Oster Blender Pre-set Modes

smart settings Oster blender review

What also makes the Pro Series dynamic is the addition of three different settings. Which is for smoothies, dips/spreads, and soup. This is a perfect feature for beginners who want to simply turn the blender on, press a setting, and let it do the job.

The combination of these pre-set modes and the ability to adjust the speed throughout the process makes this blender good for all types of users. No matter your level of culinary knowledge.

Blenders are traditionally known for creating colder concoctions like smoothies. This machine certainly achieves that by crushing ice-cubes.

What’s unique about the Pro Series is that under the soup mode. The blades spin at almost 28,000 revolutions per minute. Which creates heat and friction that results in a steamed, hot meal. This makes the blender perfect for winter time. Especially, when you are too lazy to turn on the stove to make something from scratch.

Oster Blender Tamper

The most distinguishing characteristic of this blender is the inclusion of a tamper. Which is a cylindrical device that manipulates foodstuff while it is mix.

Devices like this are usually more expensive blenders, like those from Vitamix. It is especially perfect when you are trying to blend harder. Also, more durable materials that are resistant to pulverization, like nuts, seeds, or dried fruit.

What Are Some Cons of Oster Blender’s Pro Series?

One con of this blender is that it is extremely loud and can be disruptive if utilized frequently. Some high-quality blenders feature technology that minimizes sound, but you lose out on this feature by purchasing the more affordable Pro Series.

Oster Blender Leaking Machine Oil

Some reviewers on Amazon also complained that the Pro Series began to degrade after about 6 months of usage. A common indication of this degradation was the leaking of machine oil at the point between the container and the base. While this might be a manufacturers defect, it’s still an ominous sign considering how important perfection is when creating a meal.

We don’t mean artistic perfection, but rather, cleanliness and health perfection. Even if the blender only malfunctioned once during its lifespan, this could still result in the ingestion of machine oil, as many reviewers have noted feeling something slimy in their morning smoothie akin to black sludge.

There is a very small margin of error when it comes to food appliances, as the culinary creations these devices produce are literally going in our bodies.

Thus, while most users might not experience these imperfections, the mere possibility should be enough to steer you away from this potential design flaw in the Pro Series.

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Oster Blender Review - Amazon Customers

The Oster blender review on Amazon also gave the item a 1-star review because the food container only lasted for about 2 years before needing to be replaced.

This isn’t abominable, as many kitchen appliances do have a half-life of several years. But, this could be disastrous if the Pro Series becomes something you are dependent upon daily.

In this situation, you might have to wait several weeks to receive a replacement container. Even worse, if the Oster blender happens to be temporarily out of stock of a replacement container, you might be out of luck for quite a while.

Oster Blender Overheating

Another con of this blender is its inability to puree more than a cup of ice, and this weakness is even noted in the instructions that come with the blender. If you happen to miss this, then the blender could overheat, which would force you to unplug it and leave it turned off for 15 minutes before using it.

No blender should be unable to break down the ice, regardless of the amount, as ice is often a crucial ingredient in smoothies and milkshakes.

Another con is that the 7-year warranty included with the purchase of this product does not cover many of the common ailments that the device experiences, like overheating. Apparently, any part of the blender that breaks during usage is not covered under the warranty, which is ridiculous considering how often blenders are used and specifically how notorious the Pro Series is at cracking and degrading.

What is the Public Perception of Oster Blender?

Oster is popular for specializing in making kitchen appliances at an affordable cost. They are operating since 1924. And since 1946, have been pioneering the market for blenders.

Many customers use this company as an alternative to expensive blenders because they are functional. Often, feature a maximum wattage that is comparable to these more expensive blenders. Most blenders on the market that offer more than 1000 watts of power are usually $400 and above. Whereas you can get Oster blender’s model for half that price.

Oster has been active for so long in this industry and generally trusted. Though several of their recent models have complaints about durability. Still, the majority of their products are reliable and trustworthy. And with proper handling, should last for at least several years. They are certainly not going to last a lifetime, but they will get the job done in the short-term.

How does the Pro Series Compare to the Vitamix 7500?

The first product from a competitor we will discuss is the Vitamix 7500.

Vitamix is generally known as the Porsche of the blender industry, and as such is trusted for their unparalleled durability, precision, and customer service.

Vitaminx 7500 Durability

While Oster Blender’s Pro Series delivers on one of these qualities, namely the precision element, the 7500 is lauded as considerably more durable with much better customer service.

Several reviewers on Amazon have noted that they had been using their Vitamix for 5 years before they noticed any sign of withering, and even then when an imperfection resulted from improper handling, that the company was happy to send them a replacement within a matter of days.

The 7500 also features a plastic, 64oz container and stainless-steel blades that are controlled by a 1600-watt motor. Thus, the 7500 is only about 15% more powerful than the Pro Series from Oster with regards to the horsepower of the machine.

Yet, such a disparity is irrelevant unless you consider the durability of the product. In this department, the Vitamix 7500 is superior. This is not reflected specifically in any quantifiable element of the product other than the hordes of customers who have had positive experiences over the years. Some companies just make better products that last longer.

Vitamin 7500 Self-Cleaning

Another great feature of the 7500 is the self-cleaning feature which allows the container to run like a dishwasher for 30-60 seconds if the user puts in a bit of soap and water.

This is great if you hate maintaining the cleanliness of your blender, which can be a pain if you are using it daily.

At $479.99, the 7500 is also significantly more expensive, so this factor might be an important consideration if you are on a tight budget.

How does the Pro Series Compare to the NutriBullet Pro?

Another popular company on the market for blenders is NutriBullet. They have compact products which focus on precision, cost, and aesthetic.

The NutriBullet Pro has unique features construction. In which the container connects to the base motor upside down. Rather than, being open to the ceiling for it to function. This does not distinguish the quality of the product but its cute design might appeal to some users.

A popular complaint is that the NutriBullet Pro frequently leaks. It is certainly frustrating when the whole point of a blender is to help cut the process of making foods. And not, create further complication.

What We Think About Oster’s Pro Series

We think that this model from Oster is definitely not worth the money. Many customers express dissatisfaction with engine oil leaking into their final creations. While this complaint is not major, it is still enough to prevent us from purchasing this device. Especially, when you can buy a Vitamix 7500 for $200 more and have the device’s functionality.

If you were shopping for blenders on a budget, then the NutriBullet Pro might be a better deal. It features a similar level of power and durability for half the price of Oster Blender’s Pro Series.

The NutriBullet can also stores more due to its smaller design. Although, this comes with the drawback of having a much smaller container for food.

Thus, if you want to save but did not have the money for the Vitamix 7500, then we would say you should go with Oster blender’s Pro Series. Make sure, of course, to save a copy of the warranty and receipt in case any problems do arise.

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