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Shakeology, The Best Meal Replacement Shake!

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Shakeology is the newest nutrition supplement from Beachbody. Boasting over 70 natural, healthy ingredients, Shakeology stands out from the pack of nutrition supplements in the market because it’s an all around meal replacement. It’s designed to convince the health-conscious customer to replace unhealthy junk food with healthier alternatives. 

Getting a jumpstart on healthy living has been made convenient thanks to Shakeology! Is your interest peaked? Sometimes hearing about products like this can sound like some sort of a scam or product ad like you’d see on popular sites like amazon or ebay, but Shakeology is not that. This product has truly revolutionized peoples lives.

When you’re considering starting one of these type of programs, there’s a wide variety of info that you want to collect before buying the product. Sometimes we’re attracted to a product with a fancy, attractive looking label, or maybe the product that is the cheapest option available. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking to catch a good sale or find a coupon to avoid paying the full price. While those are good things to look for, they’re not always the best choice. Investing in your health and well-being is a necessary thing to do. That may mean shopping at a more expensive store, not always finding the best discount, or foregoing a similar yet lower quality product for a high quality product that will be better for you. When it comes to a meal replacement product, this is especially important. You want to put good, healthy, natural ingredients in your body.

When shopping around for these products, think about the cost vs. quality ratio. Do they level out? Does one significantly more than the other? It’s important to research the ingredients list, find out the price and look for discounts, read a review or two to see what other people think of the product, and also examine how it will benefit you from a health and medical perspective.

If at this point you don’t think meal replacement shakes sound like total insanity then read on for more information, instructions and product reviews on how you can make a positive change in your life with Shakeology. Indeed, this meal replacement shake is designed to supplement customers with the full set of 23 amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals.

In this post, I am going to seek to answer these questions for you! I’ll help you identify costs, find where to sample the products, and give you a clear perspective on the prices you can expect. So pour yourself a chai latte and enjoy this read about how Shakeology can bring a positive change into your life!

Shakeology Ingredients

1. Protein & Amino Acids

Shakeology contains the full set of 23 amino acids, as well as beneficial proteins such as whey protein. Each ingredient is intentionally added to give you the best nutrition while ensuring that it tastes good too!

Nutritional facts: Derived from ingredients such as Camu-Camu and the Goji berry, these ingredients are essential for building lean muscles and the maintenance of healthy skin.

2. Antioxidants

Extracted from Acerola Cherry and the famed Açai berry.

Nutritional facts: Antioxidants have many benefits to our body. One of their primary benefits is their ability to work to prevent damage to our bodies by free radicals through oxidation. This helps to prevent degenerative diseases related to aging.

3. Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are nutrients derived naturally from plants such as barley grass and chia seeds.

Nutritional facts: These ingredients boost the body’s immune system, thus helping the body to fight against diseases. In addition, phytonutrients detoxifies the body, cleansing the body from toxins, working to slow down the aging process.

4. Adaptogens

Nutrients derived from herbs such as Ashwagnadha and Cordyceps.

Nutritional facts: Adaptogens are claimed to be able to increase the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, fatigue and trauma. It is also touted to have anti-aging properties, and has the ability to balance endocrine hormones in the body to achieve homeostasis.

5. Prebiotics

Probiotics are non-digestible ingredients that are touted to induce growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. They are derived from plants such as yacon roots and pea fibers.

Nutritional facts: Simply put, prebiotics act as fertilizer to the good bacteria that exists in your gut. This doesn’t just affect your digestive health. Studies have show that the relationship between probiotics and probiotics has a direct correlation to the health and well being of your entire body.

6. Digestive Enzymes

Catalysts of proper digestion, digestive enzymes are derived from tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya. The enzymes include amylase (for complex carbohydrates digestion), lipase (for digestion of fats) and protease (for digestion of polypeptides).

Nutritional facts: These ingredients break down foods that are consumed, and help facilitate the functioning of the digestive system.

Additional Benefits of Natural Shakeology Ingredients

Drinking just one Shakeology shake a day has also been shown to aid in detoxification. Years of harmful toxin build-up is eliminated from the body thanks to the ingredients in Shakeology, and it also aids the body in the absorption of vital nutrients and minerals.

In addition to the cleansing benefits of Shakeology, oxidative stress is also lowered by approximately 90%, meaning that the chances of developing a degenerative disease is greatly reduced. Because Shakeology is made of whole food ingredients, all of the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your body needs to stop cravings are included. As a result, it becomes much easier for the body to burn off excess fat.

With the 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients found in Shakeology shakes, free radical damage is greatly reduced and your risk for developing diseases like heart disease and stroke is lowered.

You can download a PDF version of the nutritional information here

The ingredients used in Shakeology don’t come from a science lab. They use only whole food sources for Shakeology. Meaning the ingredients are the finest available. The amount of nutrients these whole foods provide in one Shakeology are equal to 7 trips to the salad bar. And this would be a salad bar with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes. No bacon bits at the Shakeology salad bar.

Whats does Shakeology NOT contain?

  • Refined sugars
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial flavorings
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine

Shakeology also has a vegan friendly option called Tropical, which has become a favorite in recent years. 

Shakeology is not just another one of those popular, trendy meal replacement shakes. The positive effects of these shakes are invaluable. Shakeology is packed to the brim with beneficial nutrients and minerals from whole food sources that we normally don’t get enough of from our day-to-day food. The total number of ingredients found in Shakeology is 70+ and each one has been picked for a specific health benefit. Each of these 70+ ingredients work together to fuel your body. Imagine how your body would operate if you start feeding it the stuff it craves and less of the things it does not need!

I love baking, especially over the holidays. And of course, I have to sample from the electric mixer as I go! Cake batter, a peanut butter cookie here or there, etc. Yum! But often after consuming these foods, the negative side effects I experience makes me regret my choices. They are high in calories and unhealthy fats, especially when compared to the Shakeology chocolate smoothie that is also delicious and can satisfy that craving you might be experiencing.

Shakeology has many benefits for its users, including weight loss and a decrease in hunger. It also claims to reduce its users’ cholesterol. These health benefits can greatly reduce the risks of serious illness and disease, as well as making its users feel great overall. Everyone likes being able to avoid going to the doctor, right? Shakeology can help you do that! Maintaining your health can help save on doctors bills both short and long-term in life.

Shakeology can also work to increase general energy and boost stamina, making its users more productive. Who doesn’t want that! Many people applaud its natural energy boosts and their increased moods. Users also experience increased digestive function and regularity. This is because the product contains many nutrients that have a large variety of health benefits. The products contains different ingredients derived from all over the world, making it both delicious and healthy. All of these vitamins, minerals and nutrients work together to boost your health.

When you feed your body the nutrients it needs, it responds positively! Often you don’t realize you can feel better and experience such drastic results because you don’t realize what you’re missing until it’s there!

Shakeology comes in a powder that is packed with premium nutrients. The powder can be added to any drink. For the lowest calorie boost, it can be added to skim milk, but can also be added to any other type of milk. Those who do not drink cow’s milk for ethical or other reasons can even mix it with a milk alternative like almond milk, cashew milk, or soy milk.

When mixed with these milk alternatives, it adds a delicious flavor. Because its ingredients are all-natural, it is a healthy option for any drink. Shakeology can even be mixed with water for a very light drink if you’re really trying to save on calories. Shakeology only contains 150 calories in each serving, as well as 17 grams each of proteins and carbohydrates. Plus, the mix contains absolutely no gluten product, no processed or fake sugars, and no caffeine.

Where to Purchase Shakeology

You can purchase directly from the Shakeology website, or from a team member. This is a great money-making opportunity for people who want to help offer nutrition to other people. When purchasing, consumers have a choice between a supply of 30 days or a 24 pack box of single-use bag mixtures. The first option gives a better value, but the second allows for easy transport and use of “grab and go” packets. Both purchasing options can include either one flavor or a variety pack with both flavors. The Greenberry flavor is unique, so many people prefer the Chocolate flavor. However, both flavors are nutritious and taste great, so users should consider trying both to form their own unbiased opinion.

The cost of the shakes is comparable to similiar products available for purchase both from the comfort of your own home online and in stores like GNC.

Purchasing a supply of Shakeology can mean improved health and functioning, and is fairly easy to do. Even if an individual decides that they don’t like the drink, they can return it risk-free. With all the added incentives, there are few reasons not to try it out. Most people like it, and even recommend it to their families and friends! The Shakeology service is safe, and there are samples available if you don’t want to order a full month supply. Shakeology comes highly recommended by P90X and other fitness and nutrition coaches who are familiar with other competitive programs like Isagenix.

Mix it Up – Shakeology Recipes:

Whether it is in a form of a shake, a mini snack, or in the form of a dessert, you can use Shakeology recipes and make a number of tasty treats to keep yourself and the people around you healthy and happy.

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• Seasonal Recipes:

To add to the health benefits of the meals, many people buy Shakeology and add it in the recipes to enhance the nourishment. This meal replacement shake doesn’t get on your nerves and helps to keep you honest with your diet.

The shakes are currently available in four tasty flavors: Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry (vegan), Chocolate and Vanilla

If you’re looking to mix things up a bit, one option is to add seasonal fruits to Shakeology and make something exceptionally delicious. You can also add fresh fruit to any Shakeology. Frozen fruit will give the Shakeology the texture and taste an ice cream shake. If you are on the go or traveling there are handy single serving packs. Use them along with a shaker cup and you have Shakeology on the go. Shakeology comes in two delicious flavors, chocolate and greenberry. Both flavors provide you with the same minerals and nutrients.

Here are a few tasty, unique, and indulgent hand-picked recipes for the season:

Fall Eggnog
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
  • 1 cup low-fat eggnog
  • cold water
  • 1/4 tsp. pumpkin spice
Cranberry Relish Surprise
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
  • 2 cups cold cranberry juice
  • 7 segments mandarin orange
  • 1/4 cup cold water
Pumpkin Pie
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
  • 1 cup rice, soy, almond or low-fat milk (plain or vanilla)
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
Blues Buster
  • 1/2 cup blueberries and blackberries
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • Nonfat blueberry yogurt
  • 1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology

These following 5 recipes are extremely popular with Shakeology customers, and you can use your favorite Shakeology flavor in any of these! 

Add one scoop of Shakeology (any flavor) in any of the following top 5 recipes:

Mint: 1/2 cup ice, 3-4 drops of peppermint extract, 1-cup cold water

Cherry Monkey Shake: 1-cup pitted black cherries, 1 banana, chilled skim milk

Chocolate Mocha: a pinch of cinnamon, 1 cup cold coffee, nonfat milk and ice, with chocolate Shakeology.

Lemonana: 3/4 cup lemonade, 1/4 cup rice milk, banana, with Greenberry Shakeology

Tropical Breeze: 1 scoop tropical Shakeology, coconut milk 1/2 cup sliced strawberries,1 small orange, medium banana.

If you’re really in the mood to splurge, you can make a Shakeology Mug Cake from Work At Home Mom U.

Is Shakeology Really a Complete Meal Replacement Shake?

While many “meal replacement shakes” are touted as a complete meal, nothing could be further from the truth. They’re often full of empty calories, over-processed ingredients, and nutrients that are difficult for your body to absorb. Shakeology on the other hand, was designed exactly for the purpose of being a full meal replacement. It’s loaded with the nutrients your body needs and contains only 150 calories. Shakeology can also be used as a healthy snack substitute, and it provides great energy while keeping you focused and feeling full.

The bottom line is, whether you’re looking for a way to eliminate fast food from your diet or simply want to substitute one meal a day, Shakeology is an excellent product that can truly help you in your quest for better health and wellness.

The Cost

With busy lifestyles it’s not always easy to get in the recommended daily fruits and vegetables. Fast food and convenience foods not only lack the fruit and vegetables we need in our daily diets, they are also loaded with salt, sugar, added fats, and processed fillers.

The monthly price tag of Shakeology can be a bit off-putting at first, but it breaks down to about $4 a day which is the cost of a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Sacrificing the coffee for a shake that will give you excellent health benefits is worth it if you ask me!

How easy is Shakeology to make?

Shakeology is extremely simple to make, especially if you just mix it in its regular form. Mix 8 ounces of water or milk with one scoop of Shakeology and blend. This is really convenient for work since you make it in the Shakeology shaker cup right at your desk.

The Shakeology Cleanse

The Shakeology cleanse is very simple to follow. You simple have 3 Shakeologies a day, along with fruit, and a big salad of vegetables with four ounces of protein for dinner. If you are not a meat eater you can substitute meat for beans, just be sure to add enough beans so that you are getting adequate amounts of protein. The only other food requirement is to have two tablespoons of a healthy oil like olive oil with your salad dressing. It’s essential that you have your healthy fats everyday, even when you are doing a cleanse. The idea of this cleanse is to rid your body of the harmful toxins that have built up from processed or fast food.

It’s a good idea to measure yourself before starting the Shakeology 3-day cleanse. This way, you can see the change your body goes through even in such a short amount of time. Take the following steps before starting the cleanse:

  1. Weigh yourself
  2. Measure the distance around your midsection 2 inches above your belly button, and take the same measurement 2 inches below your belly button.
  3. Repeat these actions the the morning after you complete day 3 of the cleanse. You’ll likely be surprised to see the results if you’ve stuck to the cleanse.

Shakeology shakes do not contain refined sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners, and they provide all of the health benefits of prebiotics, polyphenols, proanthocyanins, and chlorophylls. All Shakeology ingredientswere designed to work together to help the body develop a stronger immune system, and they aid in protecting the body from free radicals.

Shakeology also makes a great (and healthy) snack. While the majority of people drink Shakeology shakes strictly as a meal replacement while trying to lose weight, it can also be used as a healthy snack between meals, since it is so low in calories.

People who exercise daily and supplement their diets with one Shakeology shake a day have reported increases in weight loss, energy, and a reduced risk of developing degenerative diseases such as heart disease, strokes, cancer, and more.

The facts are, if you want to lose weight in a healthy and natural way, you need to do your body lots of good. Skipping meals isn’t a healthy of effective way to lose weight. You might see the scale go down quickly, but it’s not a sustainable way to continue. Once you go back to eating 3 meals a day, the weight will come back. With Shakeology, you’ll steadily lose weight the healthy way, and in a way that will help you to keep it off permanently. Losing weight naturally and continually working on it is the secret to success.

If weight loss is your ultimate goal, in addition to using the Shakeology product, it’s highlight recommended that you regularly exercise to help your body burn calories faster and build muscle.

Now that you know more about what Shakeology is, are you willing to invest in your body and get healthy? If you want to see a positive change in your life by living healthy, smart and passionately, you need to take action and proper care of your body.

If you’re looking to make a real, positive change in your life rather than continuing the poor eating habits you might currently have, this is an excellent possibility for you. I think it’s easy to feel like making an investment like this is too much money or you’ll miss eating dessert too much. However, making a positive change is always a good idea! I don’t mean to sound like a motivational coach right now, but you CAN make this change! You’ll find yourself losing weight where you didn’t think you could, and you’ll be beach ready and confident in yourself.

Overall, the ingredients in Shakeology meal replacement shakes is a step above in comparison to the other choices currently on the market — making Shakeology a solid choice when it comes to meal replacement supplements.

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