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We often catch ourselves saying that we are overweight because of our genetics. So when we see a fit looking person, we think, they must have much better genetics then us. The fact is that healthy people have things in common that we usually do not stick to. Here are some common things that healthy people have in common to keep healthy and fit.

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They Exercise Regularly

Healthy people spend more time exercising and less time watching TV. They usually get around 20 minutes of exercise a day in the form of walking, running, riding, or going to the gym. Doing around 20 minutes a day of exercise can help with blood circulation, burn lots of calories, improves your heart health, and cardiovascular levels.

They Avoid Fast Food

While fast food is really convenient, it’s really not a sustainable option for your health and weight. Healthy people barely ever eat fast food. If I were to estimate, I would say that they limit themselves to fast food to around once a month.

They Eat Lots Of Vegetables

Healthy people eat so many vegetables. Most of them will eat a selection of vegetables at least once a day in a salad or as steamed vegetables. And if they have it is salads, they avoid cream based dressings such as Caesar as those ones are generally very fattening. So a good option for breakfast are weight loss shakes. For lunch a salad with chicken (not blackened). And dinner, vegetable stir-fry with rice and a healthy sauce.

They Avoid Sodas (Including Diet Sodas)

Sodas are a great way to put on weight, and quickly! They are full of sugar and other nasty ingredients to basically boost your fat levels. And if you think diet sodas are any better, they are not. There are many recent studies showing that diet sodas can actually also help you put on weight through their mix of chemical ingredients. Healthy people avoid sodas all together and sometimes substitute them with sparkling mineral water.

And Finally, They Drink Lots Of Water

Our bodies are made primarily of water, that’s around 60%. Healthy people drink around 8 glasses of water each day. It helps keep them hydrated and drinking water will actually make you feel less hungry. This is a great way to save on calories for the day.